The DogChannel Newswire (08-05-10)

Dogs of war are saving lives; Disney World adds luxury pet resort; and other news.

Dogs of War Are Saving Lives
The military considers them just another piece of equipment; they even have service numbers tattooed inside their ears. Troops often treat them as pets, playing with them and feeding them the junk food that proliferates on the remote bases of Afghanistan. And to their handlers, bomb-sniffing dogs are more like battle buddies, The Seattle Times reports.
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Disney World Replaces Kennels With Luxury Pet Resort
Pluto never had it so good: The next major attraction to open at Walt Disney World won’t be for the kids — it will be for the dogs. Best Friends Pet Resort, scheduled to open Aug. 27, will offer not just boarding, but also bedtime stories and a water park for dogs, USA Today reports.
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Newborn Beagle Puppies Rescued From Plastic Bag
They were just three days old, nameless and eyes still closed when they were left outside to die. Now — safe and sound in a shelter — they’re known as Champ and Rocky for their fighting spirit. Southfield, Mich., police rescued the pair of newborn puppies Monday afternoon after someone spotted a man leaving the Beagle puppies in a plastic bag tied to a pole outside of his home, the Detroit Free Press reports.
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Seven Puppies Die During American Airlines Flight
Nearly half of the 15 puppies loaded onto an American Airlines plane during a broiling heat wave have died, airline officials said Wednesday. The puppies were loaded into the cargo section of the plane early Tuesday as temperatures were above 85 degrees at Tulsa’s airport with a forecast of soaring beyond 100 degrees. Loading the puppies appears to have violated the airline’s policy for the safe travel of pets, ABC News reports.
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