The DogChannel Newswire (08-03-10)

Researchers uncover "oldest” dog remains; owner awarded for dog’s injuries in attack; other news.

Researchers Uncover ‘Oldest’ Dog Remains
Researchers have found that fragments of a dog’s skull and teeth discovered in a cave in Switzerland date back more than 14,000 years in what could be the oldest known remains of man’s best friend, AFP reports.
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Owner Awarded Settlement for Dog’s Injuries
A judge last week awarded a Fairhaven, Mass., dog owner almost $9,000 to compensate her for injuries her dog, Sweetie, suffered two years ago after a Bullmastiff attacked her 9-pound Fox Terrier-Poodle mix on a local beach, the Boston Herald reports.
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Study Suggests Dog Breeding Changes Canine Brains
It’s well known that breeding of dogs can affect coat color, body size and other qualities more associated with outward appearance, but a new study in the journal PLoS ONE has found that we are also changing the size and structure of dog brains, Discovery News reports.
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Four Dogs Rescued From Burning Home
Firefighters in Boston responded to a house fire to find four dogs trapped in the burning home Saturday. Firefighters said they found no one in the house except the four unharmed dogs, who they removed from the burning multimillion-dollar home, reports.
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