The DogChannel Newswire (07-22-10)

Massachusetts bans debarking; oil spill refugee dogs adopted in Maryland; other news.

Oil Spill’s Refugee Dogs Snapped Up in Maryland
A female Labrador Retriever mix is the last dog standing after 10 dogs abandoned by distressed owners along the Gulf Coast were taken to an Annapolis shelter last month. Local families snapped up eight of the animals. Another is being treated for heartworm, The Washington Post reports.
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Massachusetts Bans Dog and Cat Devocalization
Massachusetts on Wednesday became the first state to ban the surgery that devocalizes dogs and cats, which many animal rights advocates see as a cruel and unnecessary procedure. Under the new law, anyone in the state who cuts or removes an animal’s vocal chords for nonmedical reasons may be punished by fines and up to five years in prison, Reuters reports.
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Dog Teeth-Cleaning Procedure Debated
An argument played out for years in California between veterinarians and pet businesses has recently reached a new intensity in Placer County. The argument surrounds “scaling,” an anesthesia-free procedure that utilizes sonic and ultrasonic tools to remove buildup and tartar from an animal’s teeth. Veterinarians say scaling is ineffective, and practitioners say it’s a safe, cosmetic option, The Press-Tribune reports.
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Diabetes Monitoring Device Benefits Man and Dog
The treatment of diabetes was revolutionized in 1922 when insulin was isolated from dogs. Since then, significant advances in human medicine have made diabetes more manageable for patients. Now, human medicine has returned the favor and used these advances to help dogs with diabetes, Kansas City (Mo.) infoZine reports.
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