The DogChannel Newswire (07-21-10)

More airports create pet potty areas; heart disease in dogs echoes that in humans; other news.

More Airports Create Pet Potty Areas
Dogs need to go, too. So airports are adding doggie restrooms. Airports say pet-relief areas enhance customer service. But they’re also being nudged by a federal rule that orders airlines to work with airports to install facilities for travelers who have service dogs, USA Today reports.
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Rescuing Dogs From ‘Corridor of Cruelty’
In the scorching summer heat, Deborah Hoffman can be found patrolling a section of Houston, Texas, that she’s dubbed “The Corridor of Cruelty” – an area more than a mile wide where abused dogs are abandoned. Hoffman started the nonprofit Corridor Rescue, and for nearly two years, she and her team have been rescuing dogs from this area and shedding light on the neglect of these animals, CNN reports.
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Heart Disease in Dogs Echoes That in Humans
Veterinary cardiologists say dog owners should know heart disease is almost as prevalent in dogs as it is in humans. Kevin Christiansen, D.V.M., of Kansas City, Mo., says about 11 percent of the nearly 75 million dogs in the United States have heart disease – and that figure increases to 60 percent among older dogs and some breeds – but most dog owners are unaware their dog may be at risk of heart failure, United Press International reports.
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Pet Owners Paying for High-Tech Veterinary Care
Around the nation, veterinarians are practicing ever more advanced medicine on the nation’s 77 million dogs and other animals – treatments that vie with the best of human medicine. The driving force is “the changing role of the pet in our society,” says Patty Khuly, D.V.M., at Miami’s Sunset Animal Clinic, The Associated Press reports.
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