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Study suggests aggressive dogs may be depressed; museum features dogs of WWII; other news.

Aggressive Dogs May Just Be Depressed
Scientists who studied poorly-behaved pets concluded that they had low levels of the “feel-good” hormone serotonin. In humans, low serotonin levels are known to be linked to depression and anxiety. The researchers hope their findings will lead to new ways of treating canine aggression, which is the most frequent behavior problem seen by vets, the Telegraph (U.K.) reports.
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Emergency Drive Planned to Save Gulf’s Abandoned Dogs
A group of New Orleans animal shelters has organized an emergency rescue effort to save the lives of hundreds of Gulf Coast dogs by transporting them to other shelters around the country. Gulf Coast animal shelters have grown overcrowded with the dogs and cats of out-of-work fishermen who can no longer afford to keep them, and nearly 200 have been euthanized in recent weeks, ABC News reports.
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Snub-Nosed Dogs More Likely to Die on Airplanes
Owners of Bulldogs and Pugs, beware: Short-snouted breeds accounted for roughly half the purebred dog deaths on airplanes in the past five years, government data released Friday shows. Overall, at least 122 dog deaths were reported since May 2005, when U.S. airlines were required to start disclosing them, The Associated Press reports.
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World War II Museum Features Animals of War
Smoky the Yorkshire Terrier, Lady Astor the pigeon and a host of horses and mules whose individual stories are lost to history are among war heroes and heroines featured in the latest exhibit set to open Thursday at the National World War II Museum, The Associated Press reports.
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