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Obedient Dog Saves Woman in River
A dog has saved a drowning woman in a swollen river after her owner shouted “Fetch!” The owner was walking her Labrador Retriever, Penny, along a riverbank when she noticed a woman in trouble. Following her owner’s command, Penny jumped into the river and dragged the unconscious woman ashore, BBC News reports.
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Pets on Lap While Driving May Soon Be a No-No in Calif.
Pull over and put down the dog. A California lawmaker wants to ban motorists from holding pets on their laps while driving and getting caught can net a $35 fine. The bill passed the Assembly on a 44-11 vote on Monday, and heads to the Senate, The Associated Press reports.
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Five Dogs Who Helped People Inducted into Animal Hall of Fame
Five canines were all top dog Monday as the Purina Animal Hall of Fame announced its inductees and honored them for loyalty, courage and bravery The Canadian Press reports.
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The Dark Side of Dumping Unwanted Pets
City pet owners are lucky. Sure, they have to deal with neighbors and the nearest off-leash park may be miles away. But they have the advantage of getting to choose their pets. Then, some of those City Cousins dump their unwanted pets in the country, The Oregonian reports.
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Barack’s Cats and Hillary’s Dogs Battle It Out for the White House
A number of dogs have demonstrated their support for Hillary, while cats have shown their love for Obama, in unique and viral videos, The Guardian (United Kingdom) reports.
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