The DogChannel Newswire (04-14-09)

Obama dog’s breeder fears puppy mills will cash in; breaking the law by walking your dog; and other news.

Obama Dog’s Breeder Fears Puppy Mills Will Cash In
Trend-seekers beware: If you think it would be great to pick up a puppy like the Obama family’s new Portuguese Water Dog, think again, the Associated Press reports. Read now >>

For Hints on Humans, Scientists Study Dogs’ Thinking
A team of scientists at Harvard University’s new Canine Cognition Lab is now turning to dogs because on certain tasks, such as understanding pointing, dogs easily outperform animals much more closely related to humans, even chimpanzees, The Boston Globe reports. Read now >>

Breaking the Law by Walking Your Dog
Hundreds of people walk their dogs in Rhode Island’s capital city every day, but many are breaking the law, the Associated Press reports. Read now >> 

Recreation District Gives Two Paws Up to Dog Park Founder
An Auburn, Calif., woman will be recognized for lending a paw to the community’s canine population. Laura Pinnick’s tireless work to bring the Ashley Memorial Dog Park to Auburn earned her the first-ever Auburn Recreation District Friend of Recreation award, the Auburn Journal reports. Read now >> 

Humane Society Officials Mystified by Dead Animals
Workers with the Newark Associated Humane Society say someone has been disposing more than a dozen dead animals a day in a New Jersey town, the Associated Press reports. Read now >>

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