The Dog Who Changed My Life

From homeless to artist, John Dolan opened his heart to a dog who would turn his life around.

There is something to be said about the healing power of dogs. Their company brings solace to those in pain, whether it be physical or emotional. They are best friends to the old, sick and/or lonely. And in the case of John Dolan, a homeless man on the streets of London, they are inspiration.

Dolan had fallen deep into the pit of crime, drugs, poverty and homelessness. Thoughts of getting out of such situations probably come often, but unfortunately are rarely a reality.


John and George

From John Dolan and George Facebook


When Dolan was gifted with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named George by a homeless woman, he did not know that his life would change.

He would beg on the streets with George in tow, but soon also began sketching the dog, whose personality Dolan tries to capture in every drawing. Images of George and the life that played out on the London streets before him began filling whatever paper he could find. Passersby took notice, and started buying his sketches.


John's sketch of George

From John Dolan and George Facebook


One of those passersby was art gallery owner Richard Howard-Griffin, who provided Dolan with his first art show. His sketches, which Dolan called “simple,” according to Today, were now official.

The sketches, which once fetched mere pocket change, are now being sold for $6,800 each.

Three years of sketching his dog on the streets of London has now turned into art shows, art tours (including an art show in Los Angeles, California this October) and a book. His book, called “John and George: The Dog Who Changed My Life,” is available on Amazon Kindle.


John and George Book


No longer homeless, Dolan still prefers to draw outside. And George is always by his side.

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