The Dog Medium

Author wants to help you read your dog's mind.

dog book coverThe accident on the rug looks deliberate. Your missing flip-flop turn up, half eaten, in your dogs bed.

While you and your dog share a special bond, you don’t always understand what’s going on in her head.

Animal communicator and writer Danika Nadzan wants to change that. Her book, How to Be a Dog Psychic, tells owners how to awaken your natural ability to communicate telepathically with your dog.

Though it sounds difficult even goofy Nadzan insists that it doesn’t require paranormal talent. The book outlines techniques and exercises that strengthen your natural intuition, which Nadzan says will help you to better understand and train your dog.

While you won’t find Nadzans techniques in your local obedience classes, were open to anything that keeps our dog away from our shoes.

Posted: May 8, 2006, 5 a.m. EST

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