The Sassy Lizard Of BBC’s Planet Earth II Is Too Cool To High-Five You

The shovel-snouted lizard walks like it does so it doesn't get burned.

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This could be the world’s sassiest lizard. Via BBC One/Twitter
John Virata

The BBC’s Planet Earth II has given viewers many cool images of some of the planet’s animals. When the series first aired last month, we saw stunning footage of baby marine iguanas literally running for their lives from an army of snakes. Then, this week, we saw a giraffe trample a lion that was trying to make a meal of it.

And now we have the shovel-snouted lizard. Introduced with the November 27 installment of the popular series, the sassy little reptile, which lives in the desert, where the surface of the sand can get to 160 degrees, has become a star of his own, moving about the hot sand and lifting his feet up and down as he moves.

The lizard is known to walk the way he does because the sand is freaking hot, and not wanting to get burned, the lizard has adapted to walk like he is on a hot surface, because, well, he is.

Hot! Hot! Too hot for my toes! Via BBC One/Twitter

Hot! Hot! Too hot for my toes! Via BBC One/Twitter

While he may look like he is trying to give you a high five, he isn’t. You aren’t cool enough for this cold-blooded animal.

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