The Chicago Dog Show of 1916

Check out this review of Chicago kennel Club’s last big dog show in 1916.

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The 15th annual dog show of the Chicago Kennel Club was the last of the big show of the season and was one of the most successful of the recent exhibitions of the Chicago organization. President John C. Eastman and his associates may well feel gratified at the display of high pedigreed animals as well as at the attendance. Eastern Kennels were better represented than at any recent show here, but the local breeders and Western fanciers had their dogs out in force.

There was a noticeable increase in the entry of the big breeds while some of the smaller breeds showed a falling off. The class of animals, however, was up to the former years for as a general rule the best of the kennels is reserved for the Chicago show. There was the usual number of accessories displays and dog paper booths in which list the Dog World was included for the first time and met a cordial reception. Elsewhere in this publication will be found a detailed account of the winners at the show.


  • Everybody seemed to have a good time
  • Give our friend Cates credit for having a well regulated and clean show
  • Tim Donahue has a new collar and lead
  • Charles Woodward showed his dog well but on that winning dog, try again Charles.
  • Mr. Coughlin showed some front in Bulldogs.
  • Mr. Stewart tried hard for the best but that wire is hard to cut.
  • Give our friend Schmidt credit for his bench of Bull Terriers, they did look good.
  • I did not see Joe Roach showing Bostons; what do you say Joe (Yes).
  • Ben Rosenheims Brace of Bostons were very nice, the judges liked the wire hair better than they did the other kind.
  • No bad losers.
  • Harry Osborn showed the Blackstone dogs and cornered the market on Blue Ribbons, he seems to know how to show them.
  • S.M. Spiegel is slipping, he bought a Pekingese, but it is for his daughter, so all you Peke fanciers look out.
  • The Bostons winners dog and bitch, both from the East, so was the judge.
  • The Blackstone Cockers went to the front at Chicago taking three winners out of 4 and had their best black bitch not been sick, they might have gotten all 4.
  • A wire from St. Louis to the kennel reads: Blackstone cockers took everything from soup to nuts. Milwaukee will be out next stop, that’s if they can stop us.
  • Mrs. Robert H. Petersen and her mother were seen at the show admiring the many good dogs.
  • Mr. Harry Osborn who is with the Spiegel Co., Wabash Ave. & Adams St., was a visitor at the Chicago show – Harry simply couldn’t stay away – That’s all.
  • Judge Meyers of Cincinnati was seen about the show shaking hands with old friends – yes and new ones too.
  • Judge Hopton of New York was at the show with his usual genial smile, we should have liked to seen him instead of his hat in the ring for what he doesn’t know about man’s best friend is not in the Bible.
  • Mrs. Oren Harris came to the show all the way from Grand Rapids, Mich., and she did not come alone for she brought some good Poodles with her.
  • Fred Wright, that good sport from Birmingham Mich., was seen about the show meeting old and making new friends.
  • We were pleased to see our old friend H. R. Williams of the Pikes Peak Kennels of Colorado City, Colo., at the show.

Excerpted from Dog World magazine, April 1916, Vol. 1, No. 4. For back issues of Dog World, click here.

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