The CATalyst: Pioneering the Field

When there were no cat behaviorists, Pam Johnson-Bennett blazed a trail that many would follow.



She’s sometimes referred to as the Queen of Cats – not only by the general public and the media, but also by her colleagues. A pioneer in her field, certified cat behavior consultant Pam Johnson-Bennett has been working with feline behavioral issues for 30 years.

Personal Experience
It all began when Johnson-Bennett asked her veterinarian about the two most misbehaved cats she had ever seen: her own. “The veterinarian was frustrated and didn’t know what to do,” she recalls. “So, he told me to put the cats to sleep. It’s awful, but that advice was common 30 years ago. Today, the hope is that the veterinarian might help or, if not, would refer you to someone who can.”

Johnson-Bennett says that she went back home, looked at herself in the mirror and confessed, “If these cats are bad, I’m responsible. After all, I had them since they were 6 weeks old.” So began her quest to do something about it.

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