The CATalyst: A Psychic Reveals What Cats Want

Steve Dale, CAT FANCY writer and syndicated newspaper pet columnist, provides a weekly cat news roundup.

A Psychic Speaks for Cats
Even after living with cats for thousands of years, they remain enigmatic. Many cat owners wonder on a daily basis, “What are my cats really thinking?”

Why not ask the cats? With Dr. Doolittle unavailable, Temptations Treats for Cats sought the next best thing, famed animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick was enlisted to conduct a survey.

The former star of “The Pet Psychic” (Animal Planet 2002-2003) and current host of “Animal Intuition” on XM-Sirius radio says, “Darling, people want to know what our cats really think about us.”

The results of this first-ever psychic survey of cats appears here in a exclusive.

Officials at Temptations created a social media campaign enlisting feline photographs and then chose a lucky 250 among them. Fitzpatrick studied and ultimately conversed with the images. You read that right. She used her telepathic powers to communicate with the photographed felines.

She asked four questions of each cat in the photographs. Here are those questions and the feline responses.

What’s your favorite thing to do?
Of the 250 cats surveyed by Fitzpatrick, just over half say their favorite thing to do is to roam the house. Fitzpatrick said other answers included a love for playing and pouncing. A miniscule 1.6% of the surveyed cats conveyed that they enjoy watching TV, although no word on whether Animal Planet is their favorite station.

What is your favorite thing to with your human?
Just over half of the cats “said” that catnapping with a favorite person is their favorite thing. Of course, for that obvious answer Fitzpatrick’s skill might not have been required. She adds, “[The cats in the survey] also love it when we talk to them face to face, not from the bathroom or the kitchen, but when our full attention is focused directly on them.”

What are the surveyed cats’ biggest pet peeves?
“Of course, I didn’t ask them that in human language – you don’t do that,” Fitzpatrick says. She explains that a feeling of annoyance came over her. “And that’s how the cats understand what I want to know,” she says.

Close to half the cats surveyed said their No. 1 irritant in their life is getting wet. (Not sure you really need a psychic for that one.) About a third of cats communicated to Fitzgerald that they don’t appreciate being awoken while catnapping.

Fitzgerald says while most cats enjoy being petted, some do not, or that we pet our cats with too much vigor. “Also, they don’t like the stroking because they feel static. Then the cat turns around and gives someone a good bite, saying ‘I don’t like that.’ Then, the human companion gets upset because he thinks the cat doesn’t like him. But the cat does like him. Darling, you must understand that our animals are very sensitive,” she says.

How often do you like getting treats?
Not much of a surprise here, 45% of the cats surveyed “said” they want a cat treat “right now.” Fitzpatrick says some cats were so excited about the question that she could taste their responses momentarily in her own mouth.

So, how the heck is it possible for a person to look at a photograph of a cat in another part of the country and communicate with that animal via a photo? Sounds pretty far-fetched.

“Darling, I understand cynics,” says Fitzpatrick. “I’m skeptical about things and I believe it’s healthy to be that way. But if you haven’t experienced what I have, how could you know?”

Fitzpatrick, who has also authored several books on communicating with animals, explains that she was born with a severe hearing loss, yet she could “hear” the animals.

“When I was a little girl, I thought everyone could do what I do. I didn’t think I was different,” she says. “I grew up talking to animals, hearing their feelings, and their emotions and senses.”

She says that one of her earliest memories was of her father telling someone that for dinner a pig leg would be served. Unfortunately, the comment was overheard by the pig.

“I could feel the fear of the pig.” Fitzpatrick says.

Not sure how the pig could have understood what dad was saying, but Fitzpatrick explains, “Darling, animals can do this – they have been doing this forever, reading what each other is saying and what we’re saying. Animals communicate on a higher level of consciousness than people.”

Fitzpatrick maintains that sometimes veterinarians call upon her skills to tell them what’s really going on. Similarly she’s consulted at zoos, “talking” with diverse species, including the big cats (lions, tigers, etc.), elephants, bears and even crocodiles. “It was so sad when Steve [Irwin] passed away Steve was so educated; he knew them inside and out and he was communicating with them.”

Fitzpatrick says we can all communicate better with animals if we try, and probably do it without even realizing “It’s not so complicated,” she says. “It is possible to get that closer with our animals, and understand them better. But darling, some people are extremely sort of psychic and other people are not.”

Speaking of Crocodiles …
In the Philippines, local villagers caught a 20-foot-plus, over-one-ton crocodile, known to be a man-eater. In fact, in this video, a guy says, “The crocodile at my brother.” Yet, to the region’s credit, instead of shooting the animal, they’re protecting him. They’re using the crocodile for ecotourism. I think that’s a brilliant idea, as long as his keepers don’t become lunch.

Where Do Their Souls Go?
And, so what if we can’t read cats’ minds. Still, will we ever see our beloved pets again? Author Ptolemy Tomkins searches for an answer in The Divine Life of Animals: One Man’s Quest to Discover Whether the Souls of Animals Live On (Crown Publishing, New York, NY, 2010; $29.99). In the poem often recited when a pet dies called “The Rainbow Bridge,” our pets are viewed as waiting for us at the gates of heaven. Imagine the reunion. Wouldn’t that be nice? Is it possible we will one day have that reunion, or that in some way their souls can live on? To answer that question, the author discusses whether or not animals have souls. He also explores how various cultures differ in their views on such topics. After winding through all available evidence, the author ultimately offers his views.

Once again, I am a cynic. Still, I would give anything to see our beloved family members – including our pets – just once more.

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