The Cat Toy That’s Perfect for Techies and Their Cats

This laser toy for kitties connects to and is controlled by your iPhone or iPad.

Most cats love laser toys. Depending on their activity levels, they could chase that little red dot around for hours (OK, maybe not hours, but several minutes, at least). At times the human might get tired of moving the laser pointer around before the cat gets tired of chasing it. It’s a good form of exercise for the kitty and they have fun too.

But what about when you’re not home? A bored kitty can be a destructive kitty (the memory of tights and a ballet skirt torn to shreds comes to mind). Since you can’t be there all day to keep your cat entertained, Dan Provost and Tom Gerhardt of Studio Neat have created Obi. Obi is a laser toy that’s perfect for cats as well as cat lovers who also love technology.

The device (shown above and below in the two colors it’s available in) sits nicely on your shelf, mantle or wherever else you decide to place it. Turn it on and it shoots a laser that’ll keep even the laziest of cats entertained. Obi is controlled using an iPhone or iPad (sorry, Android users) either manually or set up in automatic mode, the Kickstarter campaign says. Humans can customize it to their cats’ preferences for speed, pause frequency, pause duration and travel distance.

While the Obi is not available yet, the Kickstarter for it has already reached over $22,000 of the $120,000 goal – and there are still 27 days left to go.

To learn more about this laser cat toy or to back the project, visit the Obi Kickstarter page.


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