The Cat Sweatshirt You’ll Want to Own

There’s nothing like a comfortable sweatshirt, especially when it’s also comfy for your cat.

You love your soft sweatshirts. That faded hoodie is your go-to item in your closet whenever it gets the slightest bit chilly. Your cat loves your soft sweatshirts. That favorite sweatshirt of yours is his go-to napping spot (the fur all over it proves it). Now there’s a hoodie out of Japan that you and your cat can love at the same time. I’m so glad RocketNews24 tipped us off to this!

The Nyangaroo Parka – or Mewgaroo Hoodie as it’s called in English – is part cat, part kangaroo and all sweatshirt. It’s perfect for those who love cat-themed attire and snuggling with their cats. It only comes in gray, but that’s a small inconvenience for all the conveniences you do get. If you get a size Medium, the hood comes with cat ears, which of course is super cute and a fun way to tease the dog. It also comes cuffs on the sleeves with finger holes. Though that feature is popular nowadays, this particular sweatshirt has cat-paw prints on the cuffs. Again, super cute. And if that weren’t enough, the pocket on the front is oversized so that your cat can fit inside. It’s like a snuggly baby carrier for cats. Kitty can tuck himself in the pocket, quietly purring on your stomach while your hands are free for searching the CatChannel for interesting articles and videos.

Now, I know you’re worried about the fur your cat may shed inside your brand-new hoodie’s pocket. Let me assuage that worry by telling you that Unihabitat, the company that makes the Mewgaroo, designed the pocket with two layers so that you can take out the one full of fur and clean it thoroughly.

Want to see what it looks like? Check out these images from Amazon Japan:

The Mewgaroo is available starting May 26, 2015 for $59 USD (7,000 yen), RocketNews24 reports.

Will the Mewgaroo be part of your wardrobe?

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