The Cat Men You Love, Illustrated

Artist Sam Kalda noticed the "macho, mercurial reputation … transformed by virtue of his love for cats,” in an image of Marlon Brando, and began an illustration series inspired by it.

Single women and with feline companions get branded as cat ladies but what of those crazy cat men? Males who are muscular, manly and wholeheartedly devoted to whiskered creatures? Artist Sam Kalda asked himself this very question when he stumbled upon a photograph of Marlon Brando posing with a housecat.

“Here is this guy with a macho, mercurial reputation who, in these images, is transformed by virtue of his love for cats,” Kalda explained to The Huffington Post about his cat-men drawing series.

The Brando image stayed in Kalda’s mind, inspiring him to begin work on the (utterly brilliant) illustrated series he calls “Men and Cats” – a collection of whimsical portraits featuring felines accompanied by their male counterparts.

Each illustration depicts a well-known ‘crazy cat man’ in history – from Mark Twain writing away at a desk, curious feline perched above him; to Karl Lagerfeld’s look du jour splayed out on a bed as Choupette softly pads by; and Ernest Hemingway toasting with one of his six-toed cats – bringing to life the type of fierce loyalty each character showed towards their kitties.

“Cats are independent, mysterious and elegant,” Kalda said. “They’re also quite lazy, which makes them ideal subjects to draw.”

Kalda, a cat man himself, also creates illustrations based upon well-known cat quotes from said cat men. One of our favorites: Mark Twain’s “When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.”

Ain’t it the truth?

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