The Cat Doesn’t Want Me To Work

Sometimes, though Laura Doering wags her finger at me, I take work to do at home, usually things I can’t get to at the office because of time. I once joked to Melissa Kauffman it’s too bad we can’t work 24 hours a day, and in a deadpan voice, she said, “We could.” (Eep!)

On this particular day, I had spent my office time getting the magazine ready for the printers, and I wanted to look over a few articles one last time before they were off. So when I got home, I got out of my work clothes, got some ice cream and went to work. When I realized I had forgotten to grab a pen to make any changes, I got up to go find one.

And, when I returned, Walter the cat had decided there was no way I was going to continue working. He had planted his kitty bottom on my papers and he absolutely refused to move.

While I was a little miffed (I really needed to work!), it is a vast improvement from what I am used to. When I was in school, Tori would convince me not to work by chewing up my text books.

Or my research papers.

Or my classmates’ papers. (A lovebird’s work is never done.)

Like I said: a vast improvement. Sit away, Walter-cat!

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