The Canine Tooth

Brush up on the basics of doggie dental health.

Dog Dental Care

Brush up on the basics of doggie dental health.

10 Steps to Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Learn the basics of proper canine dental hygiene.

What Causes Doggie Breath?

A strong odor could indicate a health issue.

Daily Brushing?

Yes! It prevents dental disease and lengthens your dog’s life.

Dental Health

Do health concerns outweigh dental cleaning?

Specialists Help Save Dogs’ Teeth

Dental problems beyond cleaning and extraction often require a specialist’s skills.

The 411 on Dental Care for Dogs

To keep your dog in good health, dental care is essential.

The Perils of Periodontal Disease

Just like you, your dog needs its teeth brushed every day.

Bad Breath May Signal Other Problems

Bad doggie breath isn’t a joking matter. It could indicate serious illness.

Brushing Up on Dental Health

Help your puppy stay healthy by keeping his teeth in tip-top shape.

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