The Canine Crime Solver

A kidnapping case sends a private investigator and his dog on an unusual adventure.

When a local teenage girl goes missing twice in one week, private investigator Bernie and his canine companion Chet decide to take the case in the new book “Dog On It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery,” by Spencer Quinn.

As Bernie’s faithful sidekick, Chet is a loyal dog with a passion for crime solving. Though a police school dropout, he’s determined to help Bernie solve the case.

Written from Chet’s perspective, the book shows him to be a true dog down to the bone – or bones – and an enthusiastic detective. He’s eager to help Bernie investigate what seems to be a straightforward kidnapping. But he soon realizes that something smells fishy, and Bernie agrees.

To uncover the mystery, they must follow the clues – and Chet’s nose. Their quest leads them to some not-so-friendly places, but, lucky for Bernie, Chet is always eager to try a taste of the many not-so-friendly people. And even when danger is near, the pair is able to pull through. 

With twists and turns at every angle and Chet’s doggie determination, readers will enjoy the thrill of the chase and solving the crime with these two characters.

“Dog On It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery” by Spencer Quinn is on sale now.

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