The Bunny Who Is So Cute You Will Scroll Through ALL His Photos

Wally the bunny is a bonafide Instagram sensation because his unique looks are too adorable to take in with just one photo, but now fame has brought its first drawback.

Wally the Bunny
via Wally_and_Molly/Instagram
Oh those ears!

How many near-1-year-olds can claim a social following? The list can’t be too long, but an Angora rabbit named Wally is among them. He quietly appeared on Instagram in January 2015 soon after his owner, Molly Prottas, adopted him. They live in Massachusetts, and the Wally_and_Molly Instagram account now has more than 105,000 followers. Prottas told ABC News that she adopted Wally a few months after her previous rabbit, a Flemish Giant, passed away. While researching rabbit breeds, she was drawn to the Angoras because of their fluffy look, and she heard they had great personalities.

She told ABC News that Wally had to learn to trust her, and he now seeks her out instead of turning his back on her.

The photos on the Instagram account are really what’s winning Wally new fans every day. It’s not just that Wally looks cute because he’s an Angora, but he has a special look due to the “haircut” he sports. It turns out, Wally is a bit sensitive to grooming, Prottas told ABC News, so his fur is trimmed down — except for the fur on his ears. And that gives Wally a special look all his own. Plus, he’s a bit of a chameleon rabbit who seems able to take on different looks and imitate other animals. Well, that’s how I see it anyway. Take a peek at some of the photos and judge for yourself. And be sure to check out all his other photos on his Instagram page. 

With fame comes some drawbacks. Today Wally and Molly posted a photo alerting their followers that a new website bearing their names is not their website. Someone else took the domain and took some of their photos to post there. If I were a bunny, I would be thumping mad about this. Wally is playing it cool though. Wishing you all the best, Wally!

Wally in January 2015, before his unique “haircut.”

My new bunny! #englishangorarabbit #angorabunny #fluffybunny #englishangora #rabbitsofinstagram #rabbitsofig #cutebunny

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A smaller Wally from three months ago. He was already doing impersonations of other animals. Here, his owner states that he’s channeling My Little Pony.


Is Wally really a rabbit?

I have a feeling people might question Wally’s bunnyhood in this photo. #imnotadog #IMABUNNY!

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Wally is also similar to a dragon, don’t you think?


For some reason, this makes me think of Pippi Longstocking.

“I got SNIPPIES!” (Except I didn’t finish his paws. ??)

A photo posted by (@wally_and_molly) on


The debut of “Wallychop.”


Wally is a bunny. He is. He is!


More proof of Wally’s bunnyhood. Only rabbits can eat this adorably.


Someone is trying to steal Wally’s thunder.

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