The Breeder’s Showcase at Santa Barbara 2013

This year marked the fifth anniversary of the Breeder’s Showcase, the fourth Foreign-Bred Competition, the second Bullyganza and the first Sighthound Spectacular at the Santa Barbara Kennel Club show.

After many hours of planning and preparation, the Santa Barbara Kennel Club reconvened on Saturday, August 24 and Sunday, August 25 for its 104th and 105th shows at the spacious Earl Warren Showgrounds in Santa Barbara, Calif. This year marked the fifth anniversary of the Breeder’s Showcase sponsored by Purina Pro Plan, the fourth Foreign-Bred Competition, judged this year by Larry Cornelius and Marcelo Veras, both from Florida, and the second year for the Bullyganza, also judged by Marcelo Veras. In the quest to offer innovative competition, the Sighthound Spectacular was launched this year and judged by Hound specialist and breeder Bo Bengtson.

The celebration of the breeder is the highlight of the weekend. The Breeder’s Showcase starts at the Group level, and each entry consists of two dogs of the same breed or variety that have at least one breeder in common. Each entry can be handled by anyone: breeder, owner or professional handler, or any combination.

The Groups were judged two at a time, and placements and cash prizes are as follows: Group 1 $500; Group 2 $400; Group 3 $300; Group 4 $200; Awards of Merit (four) $100 each per group; Best in Showcase $1,500; Reserve Best in Showcase $1,000.

The 2013 Breeder’s Showcase judges were Lynda Gall (Sporting), Susan Hamil (Hounds), Sylvia Hammarstrom (Working), Connie Clark (Terriers), David Fitzpatrick (Toys), Dr. John Reeve-Newson (Non-Sporting) and Guy Jeavons (Herding). The Showcase finale, Best in Breeder’s Showcase, was judged by Geir Flyct-Pedersen, Louline Wire Fox Terriers, and Augusto Benedicto Santos III, President and Chairman of the Philippine Canine Club. This year’s winning entry was the Coventry Pembroke Welsh Corgis GCh. Coventry Allure at Wyndstar and GCh. Coventry Swinging on a Star, bred by the team of Bill Shelton, Steve Leyerly and Beckie Williams, DVM. The Coventry Corgis have been consistent winners in the Breeder’s Showcase, having won Best in Breeder’s Showcase in 2010, the Herding Group in 2011 and Reserve Best in 2012, demonstrating the strength of a good breeding program. Reserve Best in Breeder’s Showcase went to the Mytoys Bulldogs GCh. Mytoy’s Frontier Lady Pink Cadillac and GCh. Mytoys Epic Against the Wind, co-bred by Dennis and Terri O’Connor.

The Bullyganza and the Sighthound Spectacular were presented prior to the Breeder’s Showcase and judged simultaneously with placements and cash prizes similar to the Breeder’s Showcase. Both the Bullyganza and the Sighthound Spectacular offer $1,000 for First place, $500 for Second place, $250 for Third place, $125 for Fourth place and four Awards of Merit, each $100.

Eligible to compete in the Bullyganza are the Bullmastiffs, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers (White and Colored), Mini Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs and French Bulldogs that have won either Best of Breed, Best of Winners or Best Opposite Sex in Saturday’s regular class judging. Winning the top spot and $1,000 was the White Bull Terrier bitch Bestuvall Take it Easy, owner-handled by the Hon. David Merriam and judged by Marcelo Veras.

Dogs eligible for the Sighthound Spectacular are any Afghan Hound, Basenji, Borzoi, Greyhound, Ibizan Hound, Italian Greyhound, Irish Wolfhound, Pharaoh Hound, Portuguese Podengo Pequeno, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Scottish Deerhound, Saluki or Whippet that won Best of Breed, Best of Winners or Best Opposite Sex in Saturday’s regular class judging. And eligible dogs from the Miscellaneous Class are any Azawakhs, Cirnechi dell’Etna, Peruvian Inca Orchids and Sloughis that have won Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex in Saturday’s regular judging. Winning the first Sighthound Spectacular and also $1,000 was the national specialty-winning Greyhound bitch GCh. Grandcru Phelps Insignia, bred and owned by Melanie Steele and Rindi Gaudet, with Rindi Gaudet handling and Bo Bengtson judging.

The fourth Foreign-Bred Competition was held prior to the Best in Show judging on Sunday, and all foreign-bred dogs are invited to participate. The First place cash prize is $250, Second $125, Third $100, Fourth $75, and there are four Awards of Merit at $50 each. The judges for the Foreign-Bred Competition were Larry Cornelius and Marcelo Veras. The entry was divided into two sections, with Larry judging one half and Marcelo judging the other. The finalists then came back together in one ring, and the two judges both decided the winners and placed them accordingly. This year’s winner was the elegant black Standard Poodle dog GCh. Del Zarzoso Salvame From Afterglow, co-bred by Carlos Renau and Lazaro Anleo from England. Mr. Renau judged Best in Show and the Non-Sporting Group at last year’s Santa Barbara shows.

This year’s catalog cover was a painting done by artist and SBKC member Terry Chacon. The painting depicts last year’s Breeder’s Showcase winners, the Border Terriers, the handlers and the Terrier Group judge, Bruce Schwartz. Posters were on hand for Terry to sign, and the original was once again auctioned off.

As usual, the weather was superb: warm days with ocean breezes and cool nights, which made the perfect setting for the buffet dinner served during the judging of the Breeder’s Showcase. The caterers produce amazingly delicious food year after year in spite of the challenges with the venue.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the generosity of all our sponsors, donors and supporters that make these events possible. If you’ve never had the chance to attend this weekend, you really should consider putting it on your calendar for next year.



GCh. Coventry Allure At Wyndstar, bred by Bill Shelton, Steve Leyerly, Beckie Williams, DVM, and Kerry Kirtley
GCh. Coventry Swinging On A Star, bred by Bill Shelton, Steve Leyerly, Beckie Williams, DVM, and Deborah Salow

GCh. Mytoy’s Frontier Lady Pink Cadillac, bred by Dennis O’Connor, Terri O’Connor and Shannon Wilson
GCh. Mytoys Epic Against The Wind, bred by A. McDearmon, D. Haley and Dennis and Terri O’Connor


SPORTING GROUP: judge Lynda Gall
FIRST: Pointers (German Wirehaired) bred by Franz Neuwirth and Christine Whitmore
Ch. Neudorf’s Play It Again Sam Afterhours
Ch. Neudorf’s Cool Hand Lukeafterhours

SECOND: Vizslas bred by Tami and Leon Westerbeck
GCh. Tamaron’s Tag You’re It
Tamaron’s Jazzmatazz

THIRD: Spaniels (English Springer)
Silverhill Cattatude, bred by Julie Kay
Silverhill Blue Like Jazz, bred by Eva Erika Scanlan, Julie Kay and Ruth Kirby

FOURTH: Setters (Irish), bred by Kathy Grayson, Roger Kibbee and Janice Albritton
Conamara Class Action
Ch. Conamara Pennies Classic Shenanigans


  • Spaniels (Clumber)
    GCh. Moonrysn Critter’s James Dean, bred by Janice Friis and Jan Sutherland
    GCh. Bluemoonrysn Critter Double Helix, bred by Jan and Lorin Sutherland, Roe Froman and Janice Friis
  • Weimaraners bred by Fredda Rose and Doug Davis
    Ola Lolita’s Is Nothing Sacred
    Ch. Ola Lolita’s Anyone Can Cook



judge Susan Hamil 
FIRST: Norwegian Elkhounds
GCh. Vin-Melca’s The Norseman, bred by Vicki L. Vermillion and Patricia V. Trotter
Ch. Vin-Melca’s In The Chase, bred by Patricia V. Trotter and Renee Jarrett

SECOND: Greyhounds bred by M. Steele, R. Gaudet and R. Tomlin
Ch. Grandcru Stay’s Leap With Mistweave
Grandcru Giaconda

THIRD: Rhodesian Ridgebacks bred by Linda A. Shue and Barbara G. Rupert
Oakhurst’s Risky Business
GCh. Oakhurst’s Rocky Road

FOURTH: Beagles bred by Betsy C. Manifold
GCh. Barrister’s Manhattan Melodrama
GCh. Barrister’s Fire In My Heart


  • Borzoi bred by Karen Staudt-Cartabona and Karen Spey
    Majenkir Bookstor Fydor Fine Art
    GCh. Majenkir Bookstor Vintage Glamour
  • Dachshunds (Wirehaired)
    Ch. Del Prado’s Look Who’s Back, bred by Michelle Bedowitz
    Dprado Good Times Never Seem So Good, bred by Michelle Bedowitz and Ann Bischel
  • Dachshunds (Wirehaired)
    GCh. Krisaire Del Prado’s Strawberry Fields MW, bred by Christine Erickson and Margaret Young Renihan
    Ch. Krisaire’s Tinytales By Del Prado MW, bred by Chris Erickson, Ann Bischel and Sharon Jadeck
  • Irish Wolfhounds
    Horizons Josee of Limerick, bred by Jenny Clark and Linda Souza
    GCh. Limerick Frosty The Showman, bred by Jenny Clark and Jamie Souza Bartlett


WORKING GROUP: judge Sylvia Hammarstrom
FIRST: Boxers
GCh. Daybreak’s Bad Influence, bred by Julie and J. Higgins, Ann Russell and Kimberlie Steele-Gamero
GCh. R And G’s Mystical Dancer, bred by Gayann Jones and Kimberlie Steele-Gamero

SECOND: Siberian Huskies bred by C. French
GCh. Topaz Bad Action
Topaz I Dream Of You Too

THIRD: Black Russian Terriers bred by Cindi Stumm, Fritz Dilsaver and Gayle Warren 
GCh. Aristes Paint It Black
Ch Aristes Easy On The Eyes

FOURTH: Alaskan Malamutes bred by Keith and Cynthia Chauvie, and Christina Sires 
GCh. Joshua’s Guns And Roses
GCh. Joshua’s Top Gun


  • Bullmastiffs bred by Doug Plemel
    Ch. Desert Winds Hollywood Sequel
    GCh. Desert Winds Long Road To Ruin
  • Great Danes 
    Shalako N Olympian Universal Harmony, bred by Mari Lynn and Deric Davisson
    GCh. Shalako It’s All About Me V Regent, bred by Deric and Mari Lynn Davisson, and Shayne Anderson 
  • Great Danes  
    Ch. Naples Sanroque Dana Honolulu Lulu, bred by Maren Cornish, Jeanette Copeland and Brunson Achiu
    GCh. Naples Tlbrk Dana Sanroque Cause And Effect, bred by M. Cornish, J. White-Vorst, D. Dana and J. Copeland
  • Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs bred by Alyssa Ashton-Shah
    Alpinez Pirate’s Gold
    Alpinez Gold Digger


TERRIER GROUP: judge Connie Clark
FIRST: Airedale Terriers bred by Georgia I. McRae and Barbara Fakkema 
Brisline’s Zensation
Ch. Brisline’s Zeta Jones

SECOND: Fox Terriers (Smooth)  
GCh. Wedigit Paparazzi, bred by Trudy J. Haines, E. Laughlin and L. Smith and J. Smith
Wedigit Lights Camera Action, bred by Virginia O’Connor, Trudy J. Haines and Coris Carder 

THIRD: Bull Terriers bred by Duff and Susie Harris
Ch. Allegro Red Bull
GCh. Allegro Rockstar

FOURTH: Fox Terriers (Wire) bred by Michael and Carol Nemeth
Ch. Warwick After Hours
Ch. Warwick Stella By Starlight


  • Australian Terriers bred by Kreg Hill and William Christensen
    Ch. Christhill The Girl Next Door
    GCh. P.S. Phoebe II Christhill
  • Border Terriers 
    GCh. Rumpole’s English Style RN, ME, bred by Michelle Perry
    Cripple Creek Luck Be A Lady, RN, bred by Michelle Perry and Charlie Perry
  • Norwich Terriers bred by Nancy and Dwain Lentz
    Ch. Dancy’s Rough Rider
    GCh. Dancy’s Annie Get Your Gun
  • Sealyham Terriers 
    GCh. Wildwind Mojito, bred by Jill Ferrera, Bonita Snyder and Barbara Fain
    Wildwind Keep Your Hat On, bred by Bonita Snyder and Jill Ferrera


TOY GROUP: judge David Fitzpatrick
FIRST: Poodles (Toy)  
GCh. Sharbelle Greg-Mar International Boy, bred by Ray and Sharon Stevens, and Martin Gregory
GCh. Sharbelle Silhouette, bred by Ray and Sharon Stevens

SECOND: Chinese Cresteds bred by Darlene Anderson
GCh. Kulana’s Revolution
Ch. Kulana’s Standing Ovation

THIRD: Papillons bred by JoAnne Ybaben
GCh. Brevette Kid Incredible
Brevette Oh So Coco

GCh. Winsome-Nirvana-Blaque Triple Play, bred by Virginia Cox Flatley
Ch. Winsome’s Home Run For Nirvana, bred by Virginia Cox-Flatley and Christa Reisinger


  • Havanese bred by Kathy Patrick 
    Ch Bellatak Vallee’s Maximum Dream
    GCh. Bellatak Casablanca
  • Japanese Chin bred by Victor Cohen and Leslie Ann Engen 
    GCh. Victory Spencer
    GCh. Victory Tux’n Tails
  • Miniature Pinschers bred by C. Smith and D. Bayless
    Ch. Aztex March-On Prepare For Reign
    Aztex March-On Crowning Glory
  • Papillons bred by Angela and Cheslie Pickett
    GCh. Wildfire On The Record
    Wildfire On The Map


NON-SPORTING GROUP: judge Dr. John Reeve-Newson  
FIRST: Bulldogs
GCh. Mytoy’s Frontier Lady Pink Cadillac, bred by Dennis O’Connor, Terri O’Connor and Shannon Wilson
GCh. Mytoys Epic Against The Wind, bred by A. McDearmon, D. Haley, and Dennis and Terri O’Connor

SECOND: Tibetan Terriers bred by Christine Friemel and Cassandra Basgall
GCh. Starlight’s Lady In Waiting
Ch. Starlight’s Beautiful Dreamer

THIRD: Lhasa Apsos  
Ch. Rufkins Monarch Just Because I Am, bred by Jan Bernards and Roberta Lombardi
Ch. Rufkins Monarchs Love Bytes, bred by Roberta Lombardi, Kris Harrison and Peggy Huffman

FOURTH: French Bulldogs  
Lebull’s Message In A Bottle For Reveries, bred by Arlie Alford and Anibal Sanchez
Reveries The Northman Seeks Blood Lesabulldogs, bred by Anibal Sanchez


  • Boston Terriers bred by Marshan Fish and Kevin Norton
    GCh. Naughty Norteno’s Clik Clik Bang
    Naughty Norteno’s Center Fold
  • Bulldogs bred by Yvonne Miller, Karen Silver and Shane Twamley
    Ch. Silverstreaks Casey Jones
    GCh. Royal Sun’s Sugar Magnolia
  • French Bulldogs bred by Yvette and Emily Ellingwood, and Juanita Imperiale
    Yvet’s Imperiale Fergalicious
    GCh. Yvet’s Imperiale Is Crazy Bout A Sharp Dressed Man
  • Poodles (Miniature) bred by Dale Lennington and Charlene Y. Smutney 
    DKL’s Dulcet Hachiko
    DKL’s Dulcet Dreams Do Come True


HERDING GROUP: judge Guy Jeavons
FIRST: Pembroke Welsh Corgis
GCh. Coventry Allure At Wyndstar, bred by Bill Shelton, Steve Leyerly, Beckie Williams, DVM, and Kerry Kirtley.
GCh. Coventry Swinging On A Star, bred by Bill Shelton, Steve Leyerly, Beckie Williams, DVM, and Deborah Salow

SECOND: Bearded Collies 
Scott’s Playboy, bred by C. Wathen, I. Zagerella, Jorge and Susi Olivera, and T. Wathen 
Ch. Scott Ragtyme You Are The Music In Me, bred by L. and V. Zagarella and Carol Scott

THIRD: Polish Lowland Sheepdogs 
Ch. Stonebrook’s For Your Eyes Only, bred by Beverly Wilson and Martin Cabral
GCh. Stonebrook’s Divine Design, bred by N. Bogdanow, M. Cabral and B. Wilson 

FOURTH: Pembroke Welsh Corgis bred by Steve Leyerly, Bill Shelton and Beckie Williams, DVM
Coventry I’m Wild About Harry
GCh. Coventry Fly Me To The Moon


  • Australian Cattle Dogs bred by Lisa and Jessie Hampton 
    GCh. Bar H Blue Bulldozer BN, RN, HSADSC, CGC
    Ch. Bar H I’m A Cover Girl RN, HSADC, HSAS, CGC
  • Belgian Tervuren 
    GCh. DC Bel Canto Ring Of Fire D’ember  HXC, HSAS, bred by Evelynn McGuinness, and Bill and Barbara Mair
    Ch. Bel Canto Fireworks PT, bred by Evelynn McGuiness  
  • Bouviers Des Flandres, bred by Sharon Lux and Erick Lux 
    GCh. Delux Jumpin’ Jack Flash
    Delux Leap Of Faith
  • Old English Sheepdogs, bred by Amy Owen-Winkeljohn and Janet P. Loehr
    Loehr’s Noble Warrior Of Winkloes
    Winkloes Mr Finnigan Having Funnagin


SPORTING: Connie Gerstner Miller, Mala­gold Golden Retrievers
HOUND: Jay Hafford and James Blanchard, Thaon Afghan Hounds
WORKING: Sylvia Hammarstrom, Skansen Giant Schnauzers
TERRIER: Dan Kiedrowski, Editor and Founder of Schnauzer Shorts and Terrier Type magazines
TOY: Blanche Roberts, Blaque Pugs
NON-SPORTING: Connie Wagner, Spotlight Dalmatians
HERDING: Mary Anne Brocious, Qubic Old English Sheepdogs



FIRST: Bull Terrier (White) Bestuvall Take It Easy, bred by Jan Dykema and Rochelle Ancheta
SECOND: Miniature Bull Terrier GCh. Dytona VIP
THIRD: Bulldog GCh. Mytoys Epic Against The Wind
FOURTH: French Bulldog GCh. Diva’s Bastille My Heart


  • Bull Terrier (Colored) Bestuvall On Easy Street
  • Miniature Bull Terrier GCh. Bonsai Winning Colors At Bullikountry
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier Kacibull’s Real Deal
  • Boston Terrier Moe-R Picking Up The Tab


FIRST: Poodle (Standard) GCh. Del Zarzoso Salvame From Afterglow, England, bred by Carlos Renau and Lazaro Anleo
SECOND: Miniature Bull Terrier GCh. Dytona VIP, Switzerland 
THIRD: Akita Ch. Redwitch Adreneline Junkie, England 
FOURTH: Siberian Husky Aiki Merak Of Dynasty RC Kennel, China


  • Chinese Crested Ch. Twice As Nice Talk To The Hand, Sweden 
  • Kerry Blue Terrier Dinnyesvarosi Mexico, Hungary 
  • Lagotto Romagnolo Terzo Kleo Of Golden Comfort CM, CD, TD, BN, RE, Switzerland 
  • Great Dane GCh. Croubag’s Wind In the USA, Finland


FIRST: Greyhound GCh. Grandcru Phelps Insignia, bred by M. Steele, R. Gaudet and R. Tomlin
SECOND: Saluki GCh. Aurora’s The Song And Dance Man
THIRD: Whippet GCh. Solaris Saxon Shore Hypnotiq Kamio
FOURTH: Borzoi GCh. Majenkir Bookstor Vintage Glamour


  • Italian Greyhound Ch. Trotwood July Fourth Rocket Of Bo-Betts
  • Irish Wolfhound GCh. Limerick Frosty The Showman
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback GCh. Diablo’s Dark Knight’s Nemesis
  • Whippet Sporting Fields Rock Me In A Love Song


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