The Breeder’s Showcase at Santa Barbara 2012

The fourth annual Breeder's Showcase held with the Santa Barbara Kennel Club was held on Saturday, Aug. 25, 2012.

The Breeder’s Showcase held with the Santa Barbara Kennel Club show is not resting on its laurels. The fourth annual event was held on Saturday, Aug. 25, once again sponsored by Purina® Pro Plan® and well-supported by the international fancy. This year, a new competition for the Bully breeds — the “Bullyganza” — was held one hour before Groups. Eligible breeds were Bullmastiffs, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers (White and Colored), Miniature Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs and French Bulldogs. Winners of BOB, BOS and BOW in these breeds were invited to compete for a prize purse of more than $2,000. Dr. Richard Meen found his first-place winner in the Frenchie GCh. LeBull’s New Hope Wooly Bully, presented by Wood Wornall for owner Alexandra Geremia.

The Breeder’s Showcase celebrates dedicated breeders, with many great ones in attendance from across the country and beyond. Breeders have responded generously, underwriting the dinner and donating gleaming challenge trophies.

Dogs are entered in pairs as “breeder’s teams,” with the only stipulation being that the same breeders must be listed on both dogs. There can be additional co-breeders listed on either dog, and breeders do not need to be owners. Groups are judged two at a time, with four placements and four possible Awards of Merit. As attendees sat down to enjoy the sumptuous complimentary dinner (crisp white tablecloths, real napkins, real cutlery!), the judges got started in two large rings. An impressive international panel consisted of: Sporting, Jason Lynn of Great Britain; Hound, Karen Mays; Working, Mari-Beth O’Neill; Terrier, Bruce Schwartz; Toy, Carlos Fernandez Renau of Spain; Non-Sporting, Janet Allen; and Herding, Mary Anne Brocious. Dick Meen would be pressed into service if needed as Tie-Breaker judge for Best in Breeder’s Showcase judges Edd Bivin and Michael Gadsby (Great Britain), and Desi Murphy and Connie Gerstner Miller served as co-chairs.

Prize money is significant: $500 for Group 1; $400 for Group 2; $300 for Group 3; $200 for Group 4; and $100 for each Award of Merit. Best in Breeder’s Showcase wins $1,500, while Reserve Best in Breeder’s Showcase takes home $1,000.

Again this year, artist and SBKC member Terry Chacon created an oil painting which was reproduced on the cover of the show catalog. Terry was on hand to sign posters, and the original painting was auctioned off.

On Sunday just before Best in Show all dogs born outside the US were invited to compete in the Foreign-Bred Showcase. No pre-entry was necessary; dogs simply had to have been entered in Sunday’s regular show. Judges for this event were Jason Lynn and Mari-Beth O’Neill.

Also on Sunday, the club honored an exemplary breeder in each Group for a lifetime of dedication to improving their breeds. (See sidebar for 2012 Breeder Honorees and the results of the Foreign-Bred Showcase.)

Santa Barbara weather was picture perfect. What an elegant and memorable way to acknowledge the talented breeders in our midst and to inspire the next generation. The Breeder’s Showcase is a welcome addition to what is already a special weekend on the dog show calendar.



Best in Breeder’s Showcase:
Judges Edd Bivin & Michael Gadsby
Border Terriers bred by Karen Fitzpatrick
GCh. Meadowlake Simply Sinful (co-bred by Tracy Van Niel)
Meadowlake Pants On Fire

Reserve Best in Breeder’s Showcase:
Pembroke Welsh Corgis bred by Bill Shelton, Steve Leyerly and Beckie Williams, DVM
GCh. Coventry Allure At Wyndstar (co-bred by K. Kirtley)
Ch. Segni At Coventry (co-bred by Sofia Sadler)



Judge Jason Lynn

Clumber Spaniels bred by Janice Friis & Jan Sutherland
Ch. Bluemoonrysn Critter Natural Selection (co-bred by Lorin Sutherland & Roe Froman)
GCh. Moonrysn Critter’s James Dean

Golden Retrievers bred by Marjorie R.L. Blake
GCh. Quailwood Summer Rain At Ridgeview (co-bred by Melissa & Les Simpson)
Ch. Quailwood Outta The Park Grand Slam (co-bred by Jo Ellen Piner)

Brittanys bred by Michelle Chaney & Arlene McCabe
GCh. Mich’s Mt Ready Aim Fire
Ch. Mich’s Mt The Suspense Is Over

English Cocker Spaniels bred by Lynda & Robert Gall
Ch. Lynann’s Touchstone
Ch. Lynann’s Act To Keep


  • Black Cocker Spaniels bred by Stephanie MacAlister
    Ch. Quasar N Icon’s Total Eclipse
    GCh. Quasar’s Serendipity
  • Golden Retrievers bred by Karen Brady
    Karagold’s Miracle On Ice
    Karagold’s Total Eclipse Of The Heart
  • Golden Retrievers bred by Judi Voss, Paula Rowan & Jane Jensen
    24KT Wildriver Gentlemen Start UR Engines
    GCh. 24KT Riverwood’s Royal Rebel
  • Brittanys bred by Jenelle Larson
    GCh. Britt’s Rambln Bourne Identity (co-bred by Nancy Larson)
    GCh. Britt’s Ramblin The Prfect Cut (co-bred by Sue Richards & Stephanie Kepler)



Judge Karen Mays

Rhodesian Ridgebacks bred by Ana Paola Diniz
Ch. Robert Redford of Malabo APD
Ch. Raquel Welch of Malabo APD

Whippets bred by Dr. Suzi Fosnot & Valerie Nunes-Atkinson
Winway Classic Madeline
Winway Ramona

Basset Hounds bred by JoAnn, Bill, Jackie & Will Nolan
GCh. Splash’s Riverboat Gambler
GCh. Splash’s The Professor

Ibizan Hounds bred by Wendy &
Kurt Anderson
Harehill’s Knock Yourself Out
GCh. Harehill’s Ace In The Hole


  • Black and Tan Coonhounds bred by Zoe Bolin
    GCh. Jazzman Combacker
    Ch. Jazzman Know When To Hold ‘Em
  • Dachshunds bred by Kristin Chios
    Williams & Emalia Williams
    GCh. Kinderteckel’s Charlotte My Lady In Red
    Ch. Kinderteckel’s Fourstar Lily
  • Irish Wolfhounds bred by Joke Tucker-Van Den Burg & Kris Meiring
    Lochbay Sentinel At Citadel
    Ch. Lochbay Chatelaine At Citadel
  • Petits Bassets Griffons Vendéens bred by S. Cooper, S. Bustin & D. Sadler
    Suton Crepu Visage My Funny Valentine
    Suton Crepu Visage Pretty Little Thing Called Love



Judge Mari-Beth O’Neill

Standard Schnauzers bred by Paul & Rhonda Davis
GCh. Blackhawk Finnegan’s Wake
Ch. Blackhawk Shelby Of Wrigley Field

Portuguese Water Dogs bred by Mike & Cathy Dugan
Ch. Aviators Hampton Court Jester
GCh. Aviators Asta Primadona

Alaskan Malamutes bred by Keith & Cynthia Chauvie and Christina Sires
GCh. Joshua’s Top Gun
GCh. Joshua’s Guns and Roses

Siberian Huskies bred by Cheryl French
Britestars Jamesons Whiskey (co-bred by Lauren House)
GCh. Topaz Silver Lining


  • Siberian Huskies bred by Marcy Lew, Sherri Del Pozo & Nancy Sumida
    Kayak’s Karamad Kare Bear
    Sumiro’s Kayak Karamad Kimiko
  • Mastiffs bred by Barbara House
    GCh. Britestar’s Extreme Justice
    (co-bred by Stephanie & Lauren House and Patti Wilkinson)
    Britestar Abba Zabba
  • Mastiffs bred by Breanne Hernandez
    Cabezon’s 60 Minute Man
    Cabezon’s Life Is A Highway
  • Samoyeds bred by Tina & David Weinberg
    Tomodashi’s Gambler’s Ace Of Hearts
    Tomodashi’s Gambler’s King Of Hearts



Judge Bruce Schwartz

Border Terriers bred by Karen Fitzpatrick
GCh. Meadowlake Simply Sinful (co-bred by Tracy Van Niel)
Meadowlake Pants On Fire

American Staffordshire Terriers bred by Ed & Karen Thomason, Dan Nechemias and Lois Claus
GCh. Alpine’s Ring Of Fire
GCh. Alpine’s Highwayman

Bull Terriers bred by Franne Berez, M.D.
Action Twist Of Fate
Ch. Action Dreams Of The Divine

Lakeland Terriers bred by Tracy Deloria
Delzar-Foxbriar’s Jubilation
Delzar-Foxbriar Maggie May (co-bred by Marilyn Jacobs)


  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers bred by Sheryl J. Beitch & Julia Campbell
    Pitterpat Allons-Y!
    Pitterpat River Song
  • Irish Terriers bred by Cory & Leonard Rivera and Kitty Warner
    Trackways Sun Stone
    GCh. Trackways Cinnabar
  • Smooth Fox Terriers bred by Virginia O’Connor & Karen Sausman
    Ch. Laurelton Last Chance
    Ch. Laurelton Pirates Code
  • Australian Terriers bred by Kreg Hill & William Christensen
    GCh. ABQ San Isidrop Christhill
    GCh. P.S. Phoebe II Christhill



Judge Carlos Fernandez Renau

Brussels Griffons bred by Felicia Cashin & Carole Ross
GCh. Cashin’s Walk The Line (co-bred by Margie Hamilton)
Ch. Hilltop’s The Great Houdini (co-bred by Ron Ross)

Toy Poodles bred by Ray & Sharon Stevens
GCh. Sharbelle Greg-Mar International Boy (co-bred by Martin Gregory)
GCh. Sharbelle Silhouette

Pugs bred by Virginia Cox Flatley
Winsome’s Double Play (co-bred by Christina Reisinger)
GCh. Winsome-Nirvana-Blacque Triple Play

Miniature Pinschers bred by Sherry Haynes & Sandra Davis Moorwessel
Carizma’s Lucky To Be Me
GCh. T’Seas Mi Carizmas Passionate Man (co-bred by Deborah Long)


  • Pugs bred by Elizabeth Sedlak
    GCh. Belaire’s Pocket Full Of Opals
    GCh. Belaire’s Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs
  • Toy Fox Terriers bred by Donna Greenmayer
    Lighthouse Win Tin Tin
    Lighthouse Gorgeous Girl
  • Havanese bred by Kathy Patrick
    GCh. Bellatak McDreamy
    Bellatak Casablanca
  • Italian Greyhounds bred by Lorraine Ebdon & V. Jeannie Love
    Amore’s Rebel Fighter
    Amore’s After Glow



Judge Janet Allen

Standard Poodles bred by Zuleika Borges Torrealba
Ch. Unique Da Maya Dancing Queen (co-bred by Joan McFadden & Gail Wolaniuk)
Jemma Da Maya (co-bred by Cindy & Don Rochow)

Tibetan Terriers bred by David Murray
GCh. Players Paint A Picture
Ch. Players Spring Forward

French Bulldogs bred by Arlie Amarie Alford
Ch. LeBull’s Midnight Confessions (co-bred by Jane Flowers)
Ch. LeBull’s El Morocco At LeCirque (co-bred by Alexandra Geremia)

Lhasa Apsos bred by Jan Bernards & Roberta Lombardi
Rufkins Monarch Just Because I Am
Rufkins Summerhill Word Of Mouth


  • Standard Poodles bred by Patricia Moulthrop & Elly Holowaychuk
    Vetset Blue Skies Collaboration
    Ch. Vetsett Blue Skies Zenyatta
  • Bulldogs bred by Dennis & Terri O’Connor
    Ch. Mytoys Epic Against The Wind (co-bred by A. McDearmon & D. Haley)
    GCh. Mytoys Frontier Lady Pink Cadillac (co-bred by Shannon Wilson)
  • Dalmatians bred by Eleanor Green Winters
    GCh. Fyrehouse Fiona
    Fyrehouse Phoebe N Xanadu (co-bred by Dennis Sanders)
  • Finnish Spitz bred by Carol Stone & Kim Raleigh
    Ch. Suomi’s Kodiak Express
    Ch. Suomi’s Born To Be Wild (co-bred by Marg Walker)



Judge Mary Anne Brocious

Pembroke Welsh Corgis bred by Bill Shelton, Steve Leyerly & Beckie
Williams, DVM
Ch. Coventry Allure At Wyndstar (co-bred by K. Kirtley)
Ch. Segni At Coventry (co-bred by
Sofia Sadler)

Bouviers des Flandres bred by Dayle Sullivan & Angie Motta
Bon Idee’s Juke Box Hero
Bon Idee’s Jersey Girl

Belgian Tervuren bred by Evelynn McGuinness
GCh. DC Bel Canto Ring Of Fire D’Ember (co-bred by Bill & Barbara Mair)
Ch. Bel Canto Fireworks PT

Old English Sheepdogs bred by Dody Glassco, Christine Hughes & Danna Bankovskis
GCh. Havenhues Conspiracy Theory
Fuzzyacre A Simple Twist of Fate


  • German Shepherd Dogs bred by V. Cayer, S. Moses & R.A. Alcantara, Jr.
    GCh. Lakota’s Hitman Of Cantar
    Lakota’s Havana Of Cantar (co-bred by James Moses)
  • Australian Cattle Dogs bred by Lisa & Jessie Hampton
    Bar H I’m A Cover Girl, HSAS
    Ch. Bar H Blue Bulldozer, PT
  • Australian Shepherds bred by
    Moira Cornell
    Gulfstream’s Game On (co-bred by Adam Cornell)
    Gulfstream’s Games People Play
  • Swedish Vallhunds bred by Ivy Underdahl
    Solborg Camelia Baggins
    Ch. Solborg Miss Jane Bennet St.



Judges: Jason Lynn & Mari-Beth O’Neill

FIRST: Scottish Terrier, GCh. Lomondview Clementina, Scotland

SECOND: Rhodesian Ridgeback, Ch. Raquel Welch Of Malabo, Brazil

THIRD: Kerry Blue Terrier, Ch. Kamagh Too Busy Bein Fabulous, New Zealand

FOURTH: Japanese Chin, GCh. Nisyros Al Pachino, Scotland


Miniature Bull Terrier, GCh. Dytona VIP, Switzerland
Long Coat Chihuahua, Matriart LG Muffin, Brazil


SPORTING: Marjorie Martorella, Marjetta Pointers & English Cocker Spaniels

HOUND: Dr. Asa (deceased) & Karen Mays, Zencor Borzoi & Salukis

WORKING: Mike & Cathy Dugan, Aviator Portuguese Water Dogs

TERRIER: Walter F. Goodman, Glamoor Skye Terriers

TOY: Barbara Brown, Showboat Maltese & Mary Day, C and M’s Maltese

NON-SPORTING: Michael Gadsby & Jason Lynn, Afterglow Standard Poodles

HERDING: J. Frank Baylis, Bayshore Australian Shepherds & Border Collies

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