The Bliss Of A Hamster In A Hammock

Watch these 46 seconds of hamster happiness, and you’ll just want to reach through the screen to pet this little cutie.

hamster in hammock
Via Jaieden Ace Shen/YouTube  
Go right ahead and eat where you’re comfortable!

Ah, the good life. Lying back in a hammock and nibbling at a bit of food. That’s total relaxation — a time to recharge your batteries and forget about your worries. Such bliss is not reserved for humans alone; hamsters can enjoy it too, as proved by this video on YouTube from hamster owner Jaieden Ace Shen. 

I thought watching a hamster stuff his cheeks full of food was one of the cutest things ever, and now I have to add snack time on a hammock to the list. The only thing that could make this more perfect visually is if the hammock were gently swaying just a little bit. Shen gave that a try near the end, but it didn’t work. That’s OK. The scene is still adorable.

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The title states that Enoki the hamster loves to eat on her hammock. So far, more than 13,000 people love to watch her. Count me as one of them, because this truly is a “happy hammy video” as Shen declares.

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