The Big Weekend For Hedgehogs

Between appearing in this year’s Puppy Bowl and running the Wheel-A-Thon, it’s a busy weekend for pet hedgehogs and hedgehog enthusiasts.

This Sunday is bursting with television-watching opportunities. For some it’s the pinnacle of the football season, for others it’s a chance to see some interesting television commercials and still others opt for alternate programming fare, such as hedgehog cheerleaders.

That’s right. The prickly pets that originated in Africa and have stolen the hearts of many who own them are part of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl this year, which is the ninth year for the event. Yes, the puppies are the stars, the kittens own the half-time show and hamsters are working the blimp, but the hedgehogs are the cheerleaders this year – and sometimes cheerleaders can steal the show. With tutus and tiny footballs to help, the hedgehogs do their part to cheer on the action.

Behind-the-scenes action was captured by Parade magazine and The Washington Post, among others.

For hedgehog owners and enthusiasts, it’s a high profile weekend. Not only will pet hedgehogs be participating in the Puppy Bowl, but they’ll also be raising money in the Hedgehog Welfare Society’s Wheel-A-Thon on Saturday, February 2.
This year marks the first appearance for pet hedgehogs in the Puppy Bowl, which debuts on Animal Planet at 3 p.m. EST on Sunday, February 3, and runs for two hours. If you can’t watch or record at that time, never fear, the Puppy Bowl is aired back-to-back for a full 12 hours from 3 p.m. Sunday to 3 a.m. on Monday.

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