Texas Woman Makes It Her Business To Keep Pets Out Of Hot Cars

Dr. Mary Traverse has started a mobile dog sitting business to watch shoppers' pets while they run into the store.

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Shop happily knowing your dog is safe and cozy. Via The Barking Garage
Chrissa Hardy

A woman in Texas has started a business that makes her a hero to dogs everywhere.

The Barking Garage, owned and operated by Dr. Mary Traverse of Oatmeal, Texas, is essentially a mobile kennel that provides a safe place for shoppers to leave their dogs when running errands, reports KVUE ABC. It’s her answer to people leaving their pets in dangerously hot cars,

The large trailer — which reads, “TheBarkingGarage.com. Park your dog here while you shop” on the side — contains colorful kennels, air conditioning and plenty of water bowls to keep pets cool and hydrated while they wait.

Traverse parks The Barking Garage in the parking lot of Nordstrom Rack at the Gateway Shopping Center in northwest Austin, and she offers hourly rates for her kennels.

“The stores are really happy to have us here because they’re in a hard spot,” Traverse, who is a human and animal chiropractor, told KVUE ABC. “They don’t want to call the cops on their clients.”

The Barking Garage is currently only open on weekends, but we hope to see more of these available soon.

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