The Aquarium That Displays Jellyfish Like Art

The Darwin Tank uses a continuous filtration system.

The Darwin Tank uses a tube injection system to feed the jellyfish. The Darwin Tank uses a tube injection system to feed the jellyfish. Photo via The Darwin Sect/Facebook

Have you ever wanted to keep jellyfish? The Darwin Sect, a company created by Florence Samain and Dave Monfort, sought to give you a way to do that. The team created what looks a little like an elongated snow globe, but is actually an aquarium for jellyfish.

The Darwin Tank seeks to “reawaken childlike wonder” and “highlight the creativity of nature and its infinite beauty characterized by the originality of shapes, patterns and colors that compose it,” Design Milk reports. Samain and Monfort originally took to Kickstarter to fund the design of the aquarium; the campaign has since been fully funded. According to Design Milk, anyone who wishes to buy the Darwin Tank is given their choice of jellyfish. The selection includes “Aurelia aurita (aka moon jelly), Mastigias papua (golden medusa), Cotylorhiza tuberculata (fried egg jellyfish), Rhopilema esculentum (flame jellyfish), Phyllorhiza panctata, Catostylus mosaicas (blue blubbers) [and] Acromitus flagellatus.”

The snow globe-like design of the aquarium makes it look difficult to clean or to feed the jellyfish, but Darwin Sect assures that it’s not. Take a look:

Is the Darwin Tank something you’d purchase? To learn more about it, visit the Darwin Sect website.

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