The Ants Come Marching One By One

I’ve heard that parrots have a tendency to really be into a certain food item and then suddenly decide to just drop it from their menu. The theory is that, in the wild, parrots take advantage of seasonal foods; they might love one fruit for a part of the year, and when that is no longer in season, they move on to another.

 This might help explain my flocks’ waxing and waning interest in what I serve them. For example, last month, they couldn’t get enough corn. Then there’s this week, where the corn sits ignored in the bowl. What I end up with, especially during summer, is an ant feeding frenzy. And those little guys are fast! I dropped some corn kernels in Ollie’s treat bowl last night, and there were a few explorer ants checking it out five minutes later.

It’s gotten so bad, that I can only leave dry food, such as seed and pellets, in the bowls when I leave for work or else I find ants looting it when I return. This means I have to hand feed Ollie his banana slice for breakfast, and he’s an excruciatingly slow eater. Perhaps it’s time to call up some expert advice!

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