The Ant Party is Over

At last! The answer to an ant invasion of the food bowl.

The one pet peeve I have concerning Fudge is her insistence in sharing her tuna snacks with ants!

Well, finally I came to realize that she wasn’t doing it willingly; it was the bowl that was to blame.

She was eating her tuna tidbits out of a raised resin bowl, perfectly shaped to ensure that her whiskers didn’t get “fishy,” but the slick surface of the bowl meant that the tuna moved around as she licked it and got nudged over the edge.

The moment one tiny morsel landed on the kitchen counter it was only a matter of minutes before we were having an ant party. And trust me it wasn’t by invitation only. When it comes to free food, ants are total gatecrashers!

After three days of meeting and greeting, networking and learning at the Global Pet Expo, I was definitely suffering from new product overexposure and was ready to pack up and leave when a round flat stainless steel bowl that was part of the Durapet collection of pet dinnerware caught my eye.

Could this be the answer to my ant invaders?

Well, there was only one way to find out. Luckily, I had traveled with an empty suitcase to take home all the paperwork relating to new innovations as well as any products.

Once back home, I put it out, popped in a spoon of tuna and watched…

Success. Not a single bit went over the edge.

I like pets to eat of out raised bowls. I think it’s much better for them to be able to sit upright and eat. So I took the bowl and placed it on some wrought iron legs, the remnants of a previous dish that Fudge accidentally jumped into and broke.

Because the bowl has a special patented rubber non-slide backing, it gripped firmly onto the raised platform. And we were in business.

Fudge loves her new bowl and I am really looking forward to an ant-free summer.

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