The American Federation Of Aviculture Convention Hits Portland

The annual event turns 40 this year, and celebrates in a new venue with new activities.

The 40th Annual American Federation of Aviculture Convention is coming to Portland! Starting July 30th and running to August 3, the annual AFA show will celebrate “protecting the future of aviculture.” With a ton of great events, including a trip to the Portland Zoo and a number of kid-friendly activities, along with a new venue, the show promises to be fresh and new, according to Concetta Ferragamo, Northeastern Regional Director and membership chair of the American Federation of Aviculture.

“We haven’t been out in this area in a very long time,” Ferragamo said. “It’s a different venue, and we’re reaching a whole new group of people. We’re all very pumped about this. Expect to see some new faces!”

Ferragamo is especially excited about this year’s Junior Avian Workshop. “We’re doing something a little different this year,” she explained. “We’ve reached out to the local Boys & Girls Club, and we’ve developed a program that they can take with them.” Ferragamo who designed the program along with Mideastern Regional director and speaker, Jason Crean, is excited to “help get the next generation involved in aviculture.”

Ferragamo said this year is going to be like no other. “There’s going to be some very charismatic speakers, some new presentations,” she said. “There will be live birds, demonstrations, feeding demos and more!”

For more information about the event and  go to American Federation of Aviculture’s website here.

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