The Airedale Terrier in Brief

This Dog World article from 1923 proves that the Airedale Terrier has always been one of America’s favorite family dogs.

From the Archives of Dog World: Enjoy this all-access pass to dog history from the pages of the longest published dog magazine. This content remains in its original form and reflects the language and views of its time. Health and behavior information evolves and only the most current advice should be followed.

“The first Airedale Terriers were imported from England about 1897 or 1898, and are now becoming one of the foremost types with hunters and dog fanciers in this country. He is a general purpose dog, and can be taught to do anything a dog can learn; as a hunter he has no superior, and his wonderful popularity in the West is due to his aid to the huntsman of big game, being possessed of a marvelous nose, a powerful physique, and the agility of a cat. This coupled with the grit of equal to a Pit Bull dog, without the quarrelsome disposition, has won him friends with everybody.

The Airedale takes to water like a muskrat, and many of them dive in a similar manner, being crossed in his early ancestry with Otter Hound, and was used in England for hunting the streams as well as the thicket. As a dug dog he is considered superior to the Chesapeake or Spaniel. His coat dries rapidly, being wiry and not shaggy. As a watch dog and companion for children he is unexcelled, guards the home faithfully, is affectionate, kind, and very intelligent, but is not everybody’s dog, and does not fall in love with Tom, Dick and Harry just because they pat him on the head.
“The standard size of the Airedale is about forty-five pounds, females a little less. Their color on back, being black or badger grizzle, and tan on head, underpart and extremities. His size, color, sterling qualities and good disposition make him a general favorite, and if anyone wishes a dog that will hunt, watch his master’s home and give a good account of himself, no matter how tight the place, then I say, “Try the Airedale Terrier and you will find him faithful.”

Excerpted from Dog World magazine, February 1923, Vol. VIII, No. 2. For back issues of Dog World, click here.


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