The Age of Beauty: Senior and Stunning

Photographer Stacey Gammon has been photographing old dogs in a series she calls "The Gift of Golden Years.”

Golden Years

 Stacey Gammon: The Professor

Visiting an animal shelter can be an interesting experience. It’s at once kind of fun to see all the cute dogs, but – at least for me – I leave very sad because I can’t take them all home and I know that many of them will never make it out of there at all.

Photographer Stacey Gammon decided to turn her shelter visit experience into something positive. She began volunteering at animal shelters in New Jersey, where she took adoption photos of the dogs. The experience was likely fun and difficult (have you ever tried to get a dog to sit still long enough for a good photo?), but also rewarding in that perhaps those photos would lead to adoptions. When Gammon visited the Newark Humane Society, she met Bella, a Bulldog who was no longer a spry puppy or even an active adult. She was an old dog, who was also blind.

“As I was all too aware, many dogs don’t make it out alive of overcrowded, inner city shelters, and I didn’t have much hope for Bella,” Gammon told Huffington Post.

Bella, however, became part of an upstate New York-based nonprofit called the Mr. Mo Project. It removes dogs who are at the highest risk of euthanasia – old dogs, sick dogs, disabled dogs – and places them in foster homes. These foster homes are where these dogs live out the rest of their lives. The nonprofit, according to Huffington Post, calls these “forever foster homes.”

Gammon, who was moving with her family near the Mr. Mo Project, began taking photos of the dogs the nonprofit took in. Her project is called The Gift of Golden Years and so far 17 dogs have been part of her project. Take a look at some of them:

Golden Years

 Stacey Gammon: Millie

Golden Years

 Stacey Gammon: Diamond

Golden Years

 Stacey Gammon: Panda

Golden Years

 Stacey Gammon: Patsy

Golden Years

 Stacey Gammon: Salvador

The goal of Gammon’s project is to maybe inspire people to adopt or foster an older dog, because, as we know, they need just as much love and care as a younger dog.

“These dogs, as I witnessed during their photo shoots, are so full of life,” Gammon told Huffington Post. “They have love left to give.”

As for Bella, she’s living in a foster home far from where Gammon is shooting photos for her series, but the Bulldog is said to be enjoying her new life.

To see more of Gammon’s photos, check out her website.


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