The Adventures of Spanky, The Runaway Ferret

A ferret disappears on a stormy night, causing a frantic search.

After I finally convinced my parents to let me get a ferret, I bought Spanky and have had him for about a year now. He is a lot of fun and seems extremely happy whenever we’re together. Soon after I brought him home, I noticed how curious he was. This curiosity got him into a lot of trouble one stormy night a couple of months ago.

It all happened when I came home and let Spanky out of his cage to walk around my room. I also opened one of my windows because of the humidity that night. I didn’t realize there was no window screen. I came back to my room about an hour later to close the window, but I didn’t see Spanky. I assumed he was sleeping in one of my drawers as he sometimes does, and I thought nothing of it. But when I returned to my room later to play with him, he was nowhere to be found. This is when I began to panic.

I tore apart my entire room looking for him, but I couldn’t find him. I then thought maybe he got out of my room somehow and was somewhere in my house. I gathered my family together to rummage around the house to hopefully find him. We searched everywhere, calling his name, and using a squeaky toy that Spanky comes to. I was frantic, because we found nothing after the entire house was searched.

It wasn’t until midnight that I realized what could have happened. I came to the conclusion that Spanky must have jumped from my bedpost to the windowsill and jumped out my window while it was open. The worst part about it is that it was pouring rain that night, and the storm just wouldn’t let up. I was in a panic as I realized that he could have either jumped off the roof or even slid down the gutter. I immediately ran outside with the squeaky toy and searched for him for over an hour before I gave up. Disappointed, I put out some food and some flour around the bowl so I could see if he left any footprints.

Early the next morning, my dog suddenly started barking at something near a tree in our back yard. My mom looked outside and there was my Spanky, slowly making his way to the back door of the house. When my mom yelled upstairs to let me know, I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy and relieved that he was back home and unharmed. I may never know how he managed to get off the roof or what he did outside that night, but I sure did learn a lesson to never leave a window open in my room again — especially when my adventurous explorer ferret is snooping around.

Hunter Steel is a 16-year-old high school student who enjoys playing sports, hanging out with friends and entertaining his ferret, Spanky.  

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