‘The Adventures Of Business Cat’ Shows You What Working For A Cat Would Be Like

We all know cats are the boss at home, but what if they were your boss at work. The hilarious webcomic "The Adventures Of Business Cat" offers some insight on that front, and it's delightfully disturbing.

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The perks of working in a cat-owned business. Via Business Cat/Twitter

It takes a very specific kind of person to succeed in business. It has to be someone who holds back from forming personal attachments so she can remain objective when making decisions. Someone who can be consistent enough to accomplish daily tasks, but also juuust unpredictable enough to keep employees on their toes. Someone who can lead but also isn’t always crazy about being followed. You know, someone who’s exactly like a cat.

That’s the premise behind the very funny webcomic “The Adventures Business Cat,” which is exactly what it sounds like it’s about: a suit-wearing cat who works as a corporate executive. The comic is illustrated by United Kingdom-based artist Tom Fonder, who co-writes it with Rachel Robbins. Here are a few of our favorites.

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