The 30-Day Training Challenge

Three volunteers tackle the task of training their ferret in 30 days.

Ferret owners attempt the 30-day training challengeIs training a ferret in 30 days an impossible task? This summer, Ferrets USA asked for volunteers to try doing so, and three wonderful ferret owners — and their ferrets — accepted the challenge. The focus was on three tasks: coming when called, walking on leash and litter training.   

Meet The Trainers & Ferrets
Jasmine Kellar, owner of five ferrets, chose to teach all three tasks to her ferret Melman.

“I know he is a very smart ferret, but he is also very stubborn,” Kellar said. “I guess that goes hand-in-hand.” Kellar had tried training Melman before and even read books about it, but so far nothing had worked.

Anne Kaelber, also an owner of five ferrets, chose to train her ferret Samuel to come when called. She said that of all her ferrets, he’s the one who never does this. Why this task and not the others? “We’ve had too many escapees, and this one was the most important.”

Kim Crivello fosters medically challenged ferrets, and she hoped to train her ferret Gidget to come when called. She didn’t realize that a surprise awaited her (more on that later).

We provided training guidelines for each ferret owner and offered e-mail consults with Mary Van Dahm, a ferret owner with more than two decades of experience who was previously a shelter director and is a longtime contributor to both Ferrets and Ferrets USA magazines.

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