The 2011 Top Sire and Dam of All Breeds

Official AKC records Jan. 1, 2011 through Dec. 31, 2011. Figures reflect number of new champion offspring in 2011.

Ch. Kenlyn's Arles V HiCliff ROM, OFA H&EThe 2011 Top Sire of All Breeds

The German Shepherd Dog
Ch. Kenlyn’s Aries V HiCliff ROM, OFA H&E, ‘Bailey’
Owned by Darlene, Randy and Patricia M. Cliff and Sheree W. Moses.
Information provided by Darlene and Randy Cliff.

1. Please state Bailey’s breeders and owners.
2. Provide a brief biography of yourselves and your experience in the sport.
3. Provide a brief biography of Bailey’s breeder(s) and background in the sport, if you are not the breeder.
4. Briefly describe the highlights of Bailey’s show career.
5. What is significant about the breeding that produced him, his sire and dam or the dogs behind him?
6. Are there two or three traits that you feel he is particularly prepotent for?
7. What in particular do you feel he is offering the breed overall?
8. What most pleases you or is most significant about the show careers of his offspring?

1. Breeders: Randy and Patricia Cliff, Kent Boyles and Sheree Moses. Owners: Randy and Darlene Cliff, Patricia Cliff and Sheree Moses.

2. We have owned, bred and shown German Shepherd Dogs for approximately 30 years in both the all-breed and specialty arenas. We have been fortunate to have had numerous champions that have gone on to achieve the Select Ranking at the German Shepherd Dog Club of America Nationals. We also bred and showed a BIS bitch that was the No. 1 ranked GSD in both all-breed and specialty shows for two years in a row.

5. Bailey’s dam: Sel. Ex. Ch. TR’s Quintessential ROM, OFA H&E. Bailey’s sire: AOE Sel. Ex. Ch. Kismet’s Sight For Sore Eyes, ROM, OFA H&E. 

6. & 7. Bailey received the best qualities each of his parents had to offer, and typically passes on his wonderful temperament, extended side gait and gorgeous breed type to his progeny.

8. He is currently the Highest Living ROM Sire, a title he has had since 2008. He has been the Top Sire of the Futurity/Maturity System for many years as well as the Top GSD Sire, for AKC major point show tabulations, on numerous occasions.

Bailey has commonly produced multiple champion litters, many of which have gone on to achieve the Select Excellent rating at the GSDCA Nationals. This includes two Grand Victrix’s and a Canadian Grand Victor. His progeny have been well represented at Westminster with BOB wins including a 2012 BOB and Herding Group winner. Many of his progeny have also been very good producers.
DC Tamrick's Heart of Glass SCThe 2011 Top Dam of All Breeds

The Saluki

Dual Champion Tamrick’s Heart of Glass SC, ‘Blondie’
Owned by Rick Brown
Information provided by Rick Brown

1. Please state Blondie’s breeders and owners.
2. Provide a brief biography of yourself and your experience in the sport.
3. Provide a brief biography of Blondie’s breeder(s) and background in the sport, if you are not her breeder.
4. Briefly describe her show career, if any.
5. What, if anything, was significant about the breeding that produced her?
6. What two or three traits do you feel she is particularly strong in passing along to her offspring?
7. What most pleases you about the show careers of her get?

1. Blondie’s breeders were Rick Brown, Pam Arwood and Alice Brochner. She was owned by Rick Brown, and for her litter that produced the nine champions she was leased to Rick Brown, Ellie Case, and Jim and Lisa Oslund.

2. I have been showing and coursing sighthounds since 1985. My personal breeds are Afghan Hounds and Salukis, but during this time I also showed Pharaoh Hounds and Greyhounds for others.

I have finished conformation championships on eight Afghan Hounds, six of which I bred. My last Afghan Hound litter (seven males, one female) produced six AKC conformation champions and six AKC field champions (five of which were Dual Champions).

One of the Afghans that I bred and owned was the first hound to be awarded the Lure Courser Excellent (LCX) title by AKC. Afghans that I owned/bred have won BOB in lure coursing at the Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty seven times (ASFA and AKC coursing combined).

I have handled multiple Salukis, including the sire of this litter, to Top 10 status in both breed and Group. I have finished more than 15 Saluki conformation champions and have bred two Saluki litters. The first produced Blondie, DC Tamrick’s Heart of Glass, SC. The second produced the litter of nine that all finished in 2011.

3. Pamela Arwood — Appalachian Hounds has been breeding Salukis for over 20 years. Under the Appalachian Hounds prefix there have been BIS, SBIS and BIF winners along with numerous conformation champions. Most of these wins have been breeder/owner-handled. Pam is also an AKC judge of Salukis and Afghan Hounds.

Alice Brochner owns Blondie’s sire ‘Dasher’ (DC Jedashi Al’Sharq Dorah, LCX, MC, CGC). He is a registered (and active) therapy dog, and is part of the Library Dogs program

4. I started showing Blondie at the Galveston Bay Saluki Club Specialty in November of 2005 at the age of 6 months. When she went in the ring she looked right, looked left and then said MINE! She hardly put a foot down wrong. She had both of her majors at the age of 9 months, one being BOB over specials for 5 points.

I stopped showing her after March of 2006 so that I could show her at the Saluki Club of America National Specialty, where she placed 3rd in a large (20-plus entries) Bred by Exhibitor class. She finished later in 2006 with four majors. Blondie won BOB at the Saluki Club of America National Specialty AKC lure trial in 2007.

5. & 6. Breed type and BALANCE, and BALANCE.

7. Last year (2011) we finished all nine of the puppies from Blondie’s litter in seven months, from February to August. Two of them achieved their Grand Champion titles. Two of them earned AKC Field Champion titles making one of them a GCh. DC.

At the 2011 AKC National Lure Coursing Championship, DC Tamrick’s Who’s the Boss, SC was BOB both days, and GCh. DC Tamrick’s Heat of the Night, SC was the Breed Finalist winner, and the highest-scoring Dual Champion (a new award first offered in 2011).

DC Tamrick’s Who’s the Boss and GCh. Tamrick’s Touched By An Angel, both have been awarded Hound Group placements. At one of the early shows a judge made a point of thanking us for showing GOOD quality Salukis in the Bred by Exhibitor class.

I’m a little overwhelmed with this recognition, and wish to thank Dogs in Review for this award. Our goal was to get the American Saluki Association (ASA) award for top bitch. I guess we sort of exceeded expectations.

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