The 15th Annual Parrot Festival Brings Bird Owners Together

The National Parrot Rescue & Preservation Foundation's annual Parrot Festival will be held January 24 to 27, 2014, and feature talks from avian experts from all over the world.

2014 Parrot Festival

Celebrating its 15th annual, the Parrot Festival, is holding a conference in January that will bring expert speakers from around the world to discuss the latest in parrot behavior, learning, health, conservation and pet ownership. The National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation (NPRPF), based in the Houston metropolitan area, is helping to fill in the gaps in our knowledge of pet parrots, providing a forum where pet owners, intellectuals, scientist, behaviorist, aviculturists and researchers can all come together to learn from one another and take steps to providing rich full lives for both parrots and owners. 

Parrot Festival will be held January 24 to 27 at the Doubletree Hotel Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH), 15747 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Houston, Texas, 77032. Conference registration is $180 for the entire conference.  Entrance to the vendor hall is $5 during the conference hours for those not registered for the conference.

This years speakers and topics include: 

  • Matt Baird: Australian Aviculture vs. American Aviculture & Australian Cockatoos
  • April Blazich: Weeds, Seeds and Branching Out, Growing and Gathering for Man and Bird
  • Carlos Ruz & Claudia Magallon: Use of Umbrella Species in Environmental; Education to Achieve Better Result in Conservation
  • Nyla Copp: Get the Flock Out & Out on a Limb
  • Steve Duncan: The Wild Parrots of Southern California
  • Caroline Efstathion: Understanding Insecticides and Their Use
  • Barbara Heidenreich: Addressing Undesired Sexual Behavior in Kakapo
  • Rebecca K. O?onnor: Perfectly Training the Imperfect Parrot
  • Rick Weigel: A Brief History of Parrots.

As part of the Parrot Festival, there is also a large shopping area that brings vendors from around the United States and Canada specializing in products, food, toys, habitats and services for pet birds.

The National Parrot Rescue & Preservation Foundation rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes displaced parrots. For more information on the The National Parrot Rescue & Preservation Foundation and tge 15th Annual Parrot Festival, go to their website here.

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