Thawed Frozen Kitten Is Christmas Miracle

A tiny, white as snow kitten is alive and well today thanks to a Utah family who resurrected him.

A tiny, white as snow kitten is alive and well today thanks to a Utah family who resurrected him from the dead.

The Bingham family were looking to have a happy, white Thanksgiving. They rented a cabin on Bear Lake in Garden City, Utah, and let the festivities begin. But on Thanksgiving morning, a grisly discovery cast a somber spell over their happy-go-lucky holiday.

While playing in the freshly fallen snow, Branden Bingham’s oldest son discovered a lifeless kitten buried in the foot-deep frost. While Bingham grabbed his camera to film the ordeal, Bingham’s brother immediately began performing CPR on the kitten as the family headed inside to warm the little one by the fireplace.

For more than an hour, Bingham’s brother alternated between CPR and chest compressions to resuscitate the kitten, all to no avail. Believing that the kitten was dead, and the scene was too morbid to record any further, Bingham proceeded to take the children back outside to play in the snow. When they returned, the kitten was alive, and in the arms of a family member.

“Throughout the day, he regained consciousness, mobility and appetite,” Bingham captioned in the video. “My cousin took the kitten home with her where he has met with a veterinarian, received all his necessary shots, and is living warmly and happily with his new family. Instead of a somber and sad Thanksgiving, the kids were able to witness an early Christmas miracle.”

The kitten has been named Lazarus, after the Biblical figure whom Jesus resurrected four days after his death.

Watch the full video of Lazarus’ rescue above.


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