That Special Bird I?e Been Waiting For

We all know what a special bird is. It’s a bird that we cherish deeply, and we look forward to seeing and spending time with day after day. There is one bird that’s taken me over two years to produce.  It’s a specific combination that I’ve worked toward for a long time, and I think I’ve finally achieved this goal of mine. If so, I will train it to be a show bird, but regardless of how it does on the bench, it’s going to always be very special to me. The lovebird that I’ve worked toward producing is a whitefaced violet opaline American cinnamon.  This is a combination of multiple mutations, and it will truly be a unique bird in every way.  Not only did the parents have to carry all of those mutations, but the chance of all those mutations combining together was very slim.

The baby is still only about 21 days old, which is why I am not 100-percent sure what it is. Since I know the exact genetics of their parents and have their full pedigrees going back a couple of generations and by looking at the down color, beak color and feet color, I can make educated guesses as to what the baby is.  Since the parents were sex-linked mated, and this baby is definitely an American cinnamon, it will definitely be a hen. With each week that passes, the baby will grow and develop and share its beauty with us as its feathering unfolds as we see a lovebird that has been produced possibly for the very first time! 

The next show I will be attending is the Chicagoland Family Pet Expo in Schaumburg, Illinois, on March 17, 2007. You can find out more information about this show on The African Lovebird Society website. It will be the first lovebird show of 2007. This baby should be weaned by then, and it will be its very first show! So exciting! It will be great practice for the young bird. The show will get the young bird use to all the sites and sounds and what goes on at a show. The more shows that your birds can attend, the more show experience they will get. And the more shows you go to, the more you will learn about lovebirds and exhibiting. Maybe I will see you there with your birds!  I showed this baby to a friend of mine, and the coloring of the baby reminded her of a song by Glenn Miller called “Moonlight Serenade.” I’ve decided to name the baby Serenade. 

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