Thanksgiving Cat Slang

Got a Turkey Lurkey, a Pan-Handler or a Shoe-In? You do if you have a cat who is heavily interested in Thanksgiving dinner.

This Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the United States. In addition to the expressions of heartfelt gratitude, we celebrate something else that’s pretty darn important: food. The turkey, gravy, dressing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie … how can we go wrong with those belly-filling holiday staples? I know I’m looking forward to throwing down some major chow and then crashing on the sofa for a few hours. How about you?

You know who else enjoys Thanksgiving? Cats. Well, there is a huge food component, you know. Of course they go nuts for the third Thursday in November. My feline informant was excited to share this week’s cat slang lesson with me because it’s all about Thanksgiving. In honor of the food-tastic holiday, he even asked if I’d pay him in turkey treats instead of chicken ones. Yes, I pay him for a peek inside the secret world of Fanglish cat slang. Our cats don’t want us to know anything about their underground lingo, so of course than means I especially want to know everything about it! Thankfully, my treat-obsessed informant is willing to spoon-feed me the language in weekly lessons. And, of course, I pass them along to you because we all need to stay on top of what our cats are doing. We can’t let them get that much smarter than us.

Happy Thanksgiving – here’s your serving of Fanglish! Eat up!

On a roll
Stealing an unwrapped roll from the dining room table or kitchen counter.

The Lady was ready to serve the bread to her guests, but found Claude on a roll.

Sitting under a table and eating scraps that drop onto the floor.

It was Thanksgiving and, as usual, Kitty Lou was underfed.

Turkey Lurkey
A cat who lurks around a turkey platter.

Thanksgiving was Panda’s favorite holiday because she was a real turkey lurkey.

Holding a cat while clumsily eating food.

Maurice liked to sit in Aunt Matilda’s lap while she ate because she was always ham-handed.

Game face
A cat’s excited facial expression when he sees his family playing a board game with lots of small, swattable pieces.

After dinner, The Lady set up the Monopoly game and Mr. Fuzzy put on his game face.

A cat with his face inside a shoe.

On Thanksgiving, there were always lots of shoes by the front door, so Patches was a guaranteed shoe-in.

Gravy training

Teaching an human to offer tastes of gravy.

Pancake smelled the delicious food in the kitchen and knew it was time to begin gravy training.

Licking the drippings from a pan.

Mitzy and Ollie loved pan-handling while the humans ate their Thanksgiving dinner.

Counter culture
The social norms and values of counter-cruising felines.

The Lady completely destroyed Kit-Kat’s counter culture when she put the leftover turkey and gravy in the refrigerator.

Fowl playing
Swatting a piece of turkey that falls onto the floor.

Before Tabby ate the piece of turkey breast she decided to engage in a little fowl play.

That’s it for now. Come back next week for another Fanglish lesson, and keep these top-secret terms to yourself!

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