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Texas State Aquarium to Sue Over Mass Fish Deaths in April

Mislabeled chemical to treat parasites killed close to 400 fish.

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French Angelfish (Pomacanthus paru). Via albert kok /Wikipedia
John Virata

The Texas State Aquarium, which lost close to 400 fish April 15 when it used what it says was a mislabeled chemical to treat parasites, plans to file a lawsuit in federal court against Fishmen Chemical of Vero Beach, Fla., over the fish loss.

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The aquarium ordered Trichlorfon from Fishman Chemical, LLC to treat parasites in the aquarium’s Islands of Steel, Flower Gardens, and Lionfish exhibits but instead apparently received hydroquinone resorcinol, a chemical used in film processing, as a stabilizer in paint, motor fuels and in cosmetics.

A total of 389 fish died as a result of the treatment, including lionfish,  French angelfish, grouper, and grunts, sharks, green moray eels, spadefish, amberjack, tarpon, grouper, and a sand tiger shark.

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