Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit Review

Tetra's Half Moon Aquarium Kit is a simple and easy aquarium package.

The 10-gallon Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit is an exciting addition to the choices for packaged complete aquariums. It has a number of excellent innovations and improvements that make this a terrific choice for an aquarium for a first-time hobbyist, and even seasoned aquarists will find this aquarium a welcome addition.

Tetra Half Moon Aquarium

The Claims
The claims for this one are very simple. Tetra claims that the new Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit makes keeping a fish aquarium easier and looking at the fish more fun.

The Tests
I tested the Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit simply by setting one up according to the instructions, putting in some plants and fish, and running the aquarium for four months. For fish, I used adult kribs and some Otocinclus, and for aquatic plants, I chose some water sprite and Nymphaea lily plants.
The Results
The Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit performed perfectly, and everyone who saw it loved it. The freshwater fish and aquatic plants thrived with minimal maintenance.

I think it best if I mention the new features of the Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit individually.

Curved all-glass aquarium. The entire front of the aquarium is curved glass. Initially, I thought this a little distorting, but I quickly got used to it and very much liked the fact that depending on how you view the aquarium, you can determine how much magnification you want. Everyone who saw the aquarium found the new curved look very pleasing.

Whisper internal filter. This is an efficient, completely silent filter for the aquarium. How high it sits on the inside of the aquarium is adjustable, and filtration is excellent.

Submersible heater. This is one of the new sand-filled heaters that is set to keep a constant temperature. It kept the temperature of the aquarium at around 76 degrees Fahrenheit. It fits into a small compartment of the filter box, which makes for a very clean look in the aquarium, as the only piece of equipment you see is a small black box in one corner.

LED aquarium light. This light is a sleek little fixture that clips onto the back and hangs over the aquarium. Its adjustable position makes for good flexibility, and the light is fine for illuminating the aquarium and growing low-light aquatic plants.

Taken together, these innovations make for an excellent aquarium package. The manuals that come with the Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit are clear and concise, and the TetraCare Aquarium Setup Guide is simple and direct. A toll-free number and a website are offered for the hobbyist to find more information.

The Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit never gave me any problems. All of the equipment worked perfectly, and it all fits together so that all you really see are the fish and aquatic plants. The plastic cover has cutouts to allow for equipment placement, and it fits well onto the top of the aquarium.

The Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit is an excellent introduction to packaged aquariums. It is easy to set up and maintain, and I recommend it for any first-time hobbyist. Much thought and design has gone into the Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit. I am always testing various aquariums and equipment all over the house, and my wife, (Saint) Janet, puts up with temporary placements of aquariums for a test period. The Tetra Half Moon Aquarium Kit is only the second aquarium that she actually wanted me to keep set-up where it is — that tells you what a nice aquarium this is.

Half Moon Aquarium Kit


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