Terrible Twos

This term is related to the development period where a pet bird might act disagreeably toward its owner, as it is maturing.


This is a descriptive term derived from human pediatrics. It identifies the period at which a parrot – much like a 2-year-old child – often becomes less agreeable to the human’s wishes. This is a developmental period and is not associated with the actual chronological age of 2 years when applied to parrots. Different species can be widely divergent regarding the speed at which they develop, with the smaller species maturing at a much faster rate. For example, a 2-year-old cockatiel has been sexually mature for approximately one year. A 2-year-old hyacinth macaw is still very much a baby, and won’t reach sexual maturity for a few more years. So a cockatiel might encounter “the terrible twos” at six months of age, whereas a hyacinth might encounter it at the age of 2 years.


Normal stage of growing up!


Keep your temper, keep your sense of humor, don’t take it personally, remain patient and consistent, and keep your young parrot busy!

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