Tenacious Terrier

Don’t underestimate the Parson Russell Terrier’s explosive energy.

Barkley stood perfectly still in the Hotel Pennsylvania ballroom. Despite large areas of sawdust put down specifically for the Westminster Kennel Club show dogs, the 3-year-old Parson Russell Terrier refused to pee.

“He was just miserable,” says Mindy K., a Parson lover since the 1970s. An independent and single-minded terrier, Barkley insisted that the outdoors, not the indoors, was for peeing. So, Mindy headed out into the infamous blizzard that struck during the 2006 Westminster championship so the dog could relieve himself. “We’re out walking the streets of New York. He’s happily marking every curb in the city, climbing over huge snow banks, leaving his little yellow trail all over New York.”

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