Ten Questions Every Cat Lover Should Ask a Potential Date

Cut to the chase and find out whether your date is compatible with your cat.

1. What three words would you use to describe the stereotypical cat?
Think twice if words like, “aloof,” “cold” or “stubborn” pop up! However, terms like, “cuddly,” “loyal” or “graceful” demonstrate an appreciation of the feline species — and that’s something you can appreciate in your date.

2. What’s been your experience with cats in the past?
One bad experience can shape an individual’s view of all cats — beware of negative past encounters. Alternatively, a revered childhood pet can pave the way for successful future feline bonding.

3. How would you react if a cat sharpened its claws on your new piece of furniture?
True cat lovers can forgive annoying, albeit natural, feline indiscretions! If no leeway is shown to kitty, you might want to show your date the door.

4. Do you have any pet allergies, and if so, are they mild or severe?
Mild is workable; a few medications might keep tabs on the condition. Severe allergies, not so much.

5. What would you do if you saw a kitten stranded on a building ledge?
If the sad scene tugs at the heartstrings and the person would stop to help, you know you’ve got a keeper; however, if the person would just pass by, perhaps you need to pass … on the date!
6. Do you think of veterinary care as a necessity or an optional expense?
Caring for cats costs money, and when it comes to finances, it is best to ensure you’re both of the same opinion on it.

7. Have you ever put one of your pets up for adoption for any reason, and if so, why?
If the individual has the strength to put a personal pet up for adoption, watch out! Yours might be next. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but somewhere down the line…

8. How would you feel if you rose from a seat only to find your new pants completely covered with cat hair?
If the date finds this to be any more than a minor nuisance, you may want to reconsider your options. If the person can’t just brush it off, you should brush off the date.

9. Have you ever disliked a particular cat, and if so, why?
Find out if any certain feline traits rub the person the wrong way, and then compare those traits to your own kitty’s characteristics.

10. What would you be willing to do to win over my cat’s affections?
The level of effort exerted is directly proportional to the level of interest you should have in this person!

Kristin Grant is a freelance writer in Baton Rouge, La., where she lives with her husband, Allen, who graciously endured (and successfully passed) a similar line of questioning a few years back.

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