Telling Tails

Learn how to read your cat?s emotions.

We have the ability to convey our feelings without even opening our mouths, simply by using body language. But we aren’t the only ones who can speak without the use of words or sounds. Cats also can convey their emotions silently — by commissioning their tails for the job. Unfortunately, it often is hard to tell what your cat is feeling when its tail turns bristly or rapidly swishes back and forth. But reading your cat’s emotions doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here’s the lowdown on everything your cat is trying to tell you — and then some.

While dogs tend to swing their tails rapidly from side to side when they are happy or want to play, the opposite is true for cats. A tail that violently and quickly swishes from side to side is an indication that kitty is feeling anxious and aggressive and is a warning that it might attack. If you see this action, give your cat some time to relax before you try to interact.

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