Teens Save Kitten Stranded on Log

Kitten floating out to ocean was brought in to safety by three New Zealand teenagers.

Three New Zealand teenagers known only as Sarah, David and Lilly are being heralded as heroes, after rescuing a 2-week-old kitten floating out to sea yesterday, and bringing him to safety at the animal shelter Kitten Inn.

“It does your heart good to know that there are young people out there that will continue on after us,” Innkeeper Susan McNair told Stuff. “I congratulate the parents, they brought up some really good kids.”

The trio of friends were skimming stones at New Zealand’s Hutt River when they spotted something completely out of the ordinary: a lone, tiny kitten floating downstream on a log towards Wellington Harbour (ocean territory).

Realizing that they needed to act fast, the three teens waded into the water, and scooped the blue-eyed, black-coated kitten up. Wrapping the wee one in a hoodie, the trio then proceeded to trek two-and-a-half miles uphill to the Kitten Inn Animal Shelter, where they were greeted by McNair – a compassionate, cat-loving woman who was devastated at how the kitten was found.

“There’s no way on this Earth could it have climbed up there and set itself off,” McNair said. “It’s old enough to roll onto its back, but it can’t walk. They only open their eyes after about a week. It certainly didn’t jump itself onto the log then push itself out no way.”

Despite her frustration and devastation at the cruel way in which someone dumped the kitten and sent him on his way to sea, McNair is happy to have him in her care, and hopes that his siblings and mother are safe somewhere.

Now called Woody, the kitten is recovering alongside other feline residents at the Inn, and will be placed up for adoption once he reaches 7-weeks of age.

“How it came to be on a log floating down the river we will never know,” said McNair. “What we do know is that it is now safe, warm and its little tummy is full and for him at least life is looking good.”

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