Teen Gets $10K Reward For Finding Lost Puppy

The dog's owners offered a five-figure reward for their missing Boston Terrier.

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Maggie the Boston Terrier was happy to be with her family again after she was stolen. Via The Washington Post
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An 18-year-old is going to have a “better prom” for returning a missing dog to her family.

Boston Terrier puppy Maggie was reunited with her owners this week in Washington, D.C., and in return, the person who found the dog received $10,000, The Washington Post reports.

Mary Kathryn and Michael Steel had posted signs offering the reward for the 4-month-old dog, which was stolen from their car Tuesday.

“We are so grateful… Maggie is home!!!” Mary Kathryn said in an email to the newspaper.

She and her husband gave the 18-year-old who found the dog, and who declined to be interviewed, a check for the full advertised reward.

“She said that she would have a better prom with it!” Mary Kathryn told The Washington Post.

Maggie was found inside her travel carrier near a subway station. Michael told the Post the last place he saw her was in his car. He’d wanted to cheer her up after a recent illness by taking her on a drive around the city. After a car ride and walk, he put Maggie inside her travel bag in the front seat of his car while he ran some errands.

When Michael came back after about 40 minutes, he saw that the front passenger-side window was broken and Maggie was missing. Nothing else was taken from the car.

The police who investigated the burglary said dog thefts happened regularly but that this case surprised them with its blatancy.

So hide your wife, hide your kids and hide your dog — thefts occur everywhere.

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