Teen And His Diabetic Alert Dog Pictured Side-By-Side In School Yearbook

Taffy has attended Northern Guilford High School all year, so it makes sense the service dog would be in the yearbook.

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Harry and Taffy Hulse had their sophomore pictures taken together for the yearbook. Via WFMY

If you’re flipping through this year’s Northern Guilford High School yearbook, you might stop, do a double-take and immediately turn back to the page with Taffy Hulse’s picture on it. Taffy definitely stands out from the rest of his classmates, mostly because he’s the only one whose sophomore portrait includes a leash and a harness.

Taffy is a diabetic service dog, and he is pictured in the yearbook right beside his human charge, Harry Hulse, WFMY reports.

Taffy has attended the Greensboro, North Carolina, high school all year, hanging out with Harry in class and on the soccer field, while constantly monitoring his blood sugar levels.

“My blood sugar is very unstable,” Harry, 14, told WFMY. “He’ll alert me when that happens by pawing me on my leg or scratching me.”

Taffy, trying his best to pay attention during class. Via WFMY

Taffy, trying his best to pay attention during class. Via WFMY

Harry says that Taffy is his best friend — and not just because the dog has saved his life on a couple of occasions. (Taffy has awakened Harry when his blood sugar drops during the night, prompting the sleepy eyed teen to take measures to stabilize it). That’s why it made sense for the two of them to be pictured together in the yearbook — although Harry’s mom managed to surprise him by including Taffy in the photo shoot.

“I didn’t know until I got to taking pictures,” Harry said. “And then [the photographers] said, ‘We’re taking a picture of your dog, too.'”

And why not? Taffy has been by Harry’s side everywhere else, so he might as well be right there in the yearbook, too.

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