TedEd Releases My Secret Life as Plankton

Video captures the plankton life cycle.

Marine biologist Tierney Thys has released a video titled “Fish Tale: My Secret Life as Plankton” on TEDEd’s Youtube Channel. Thys, along with a team of videographers and scientists, produced the video that details the world of plankton through the eyes of a red snapper. The video, at 6 minutes long, is a visually stunning piece of videography, showcasing all the zooplankton, copepods, krill, phytoplankton and other organisms that can be found in just a teaspoon of seawater.

TEDEd is a nonprofit global community that is devoted to educating people from all over the world through technology, entertainment and design. TED seeks to help those who seek a deeper understanding of the world through such avenues as conferences, speakers and of course media.

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