Teaching Humans to Relate to Their Dogs Without Words

The key to earning your dogs respect as the pack leader is to understand the nature of the pack.

One thing I have learned from dogs is to live in the moment. They don’t live in the future or the past  unlike humans.

If someone brings me a dog that has destroyed the living room, I don’t see the dog as that action. I see him as a dog that needs help. He didn’t premeditate the action.

This doesn’t mean that dogs are less than human or more than human. They’re just a different species. If we don’t fulfill them as a species, dogs won’t live a balanced, centered or happy life.

Dogs as Animals
Dogs don’t follow emotional leaders or lovable leaders; they follow calm, assertive leaders. This is the same for all animals in the animal kingdom. Humans are the only animals that follow unstable, emotional leaders around the world.

The pack leader, which is the mom or a male, controls everything: when the pack eats, when they play, how far they can walk. The key to earning your dogs respect as the pack leader is to understand the nature of the pack and to duplicate the action and attitude of the pack leader. The pack instinct is the dogs strongest natural motivator.

The biggest mistake people make is seeing their dogs as humans or babies. This allows them to miss out on what the dog needs as an animal. The sad thing is people do this out of well-intentioned love. But what they’re doing only nurtures unstable behavior and deprives the dog what he needs most.

Dogs as Breeds
A dog is an animal first and a breed second. For example, people think all German Shepherds act a certain way. German Shepherd is just the breed a cultural background in the dog world.

A mutt can develop the same negative side effects as a German Shepherd. Do not focus on the breed; instead, focus on the behavior. The breed is just the skills or the outfit the dog wears. Underneath, they are all just dogs.

Yes, there are physical differences between breeds. A Siberian Husky can travel for dozens of miles a day and is not suited to live in an urban apartment. If you have a frustrated Siberian Husky, their physical energy will only intensify unbalanced behavior.

This is why its important to allow every dog the opportunity to work out physical energy. Take him for a walk or bike ride every day to exercise his body and his mind.

The Submissive State
Most dogs are born submissive because there can only be so many pack leaders. When dogs become unstable they exhibit fearful, nervous or other unwanted behaviors. Our goal is to provide the dog with the same calm, assertive leadership that they would experience in a pack.

This natural balance calm, assertive leadership with calm, submissive behavior  nurtures stability and creates a balanced, centered and happy dog.

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Cesar and his pack
Get more tips from Cesar.

Note: Cesar Millan is a professional. Please consult a qualified trainer before attempting these techniques with your dog.

For more information, visit Cesar Millans Dog Psychology Center where the express purpose is to rehabilitate and maintain a dogs natural state of being.

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